1000 kva oil transformer

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40000kVA, 35kV, Three windings, On-load Tap Changing/OLTC, Arc Furnace Transformer

1.Low noise, low loss; 2.Low partial discharge; 3.Strong anti-short-circuit; 4.High impedance.

Low loss low noise full copper winding oil immersed transformer 1500kva

Low loss Long usage life IEC standards Over 30 year ISO9001 Original equipments manufacturer

transformer oil transformer winding machine 400kva

1.StandardIEC60076/ISO9001 2.Rated voltage transformer 3.High quality transformer 4.Low loss transformer 5.Easy to install

50/60HZ low loss copper winding 13.8kv oil transformer

50/60HZ low loss copper winding 13.8kv oil transformer 1. IEC60076, ISO9001, CE 2. 5-year guarantee 3. Good sealing low loss

11kv oil transformers

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industy factory oil transformer winding wire cable manufacturers

cable manufacturers 1).Round size:0.1mm-6.0mm 2).Flat size: Thickness(a): 0.8mm-10mm, Width(b): 3mm-16mm 3).class130-220C

EPC13-02 Winding convenient rate of transformer oil

rate of transformer oil 1.Strong power 2. Moderate price 3. High reliability

10kv-35kv there phase double winding oil immersed transformer oil price

1 transformer oil price about 61.082 square meter 2.Voltage:10KV,11KV,33KV,35KV/415V,400V 3. 700 stuff and 40 engin

15KV Combined oil Distribution Transformer types of winding of transformer

types of winding of transformer: 1)high reliability 2)low loss 3)energy-efficient

200kva oil transformer

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toroidal copper winding 22kv 1600kva oil transformer manufacturer

1. ISO9001 & CCC 2. good quality & competitive price 3. flame-retardant & explosion-proof 4. low no-load loss & low noise

220kV oil on-load-tap-changer Power Transformer type of wind of transform

type of wind of transform: 1)Low losses 2)Energy-efficient 3)High reliability 3)CTQC,CE

base for transformer oil wind cooling Europe quality

base for transformer oil Longer than 10 years lifespan Power saving 20% 1/3 size of SCR rectifier

ferrite core winding wire transformer oil for bmw germany used cars

transformer oil 1. high quality 2. low moq 3. good efficiency

high current copper winding electrical welding transformer oil

10KV,11KV,20KV,22KV,33KV,35KV.. offered Energy saving Safe & Reliable Lightweight Structure Efficient and Advanced product