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bioblock deodorizer

Biological urinal deodorizer.

Cheap shoe deodorizer ball for promotional

Cheap shoe deodorizer ball for promotional 1.Material:pp 2.Size:(d)3.8cm 3.Weight:12g 4.OEM service is available

antibacterial and antifungal

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Antifungal Pack for Shoes Moisture Absorber and Fragrance weight:30-200g 2antifungal pack for shoes 3.Humidity absorber, fragrance 4.OEM service,car,shoes

2014 Antimicrobial And Antifungal quality filled fiber biochemical desiccants top dry moisture-absorption

Fiber desiccants 1)Natural desiccant,100% degradable 2)Moisture Adsorption Rate over 100% 3)Printable in the covered PET

Natamycin 50% lactose antifungal

Natamycin 50% lactose antifungal 1.Competitive price 2.Food grade Preservative 3.We are manufacturer 4.Halal/Kosher/ISO22000