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dried black mulberry

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Dried Black Mulberry

Dried Black Mulberry 2012 new crop Type: edible, medicinal 100% natural, clean,sweet and healthy

2013 New IQF Mulberries

1. 2013 New IQF Mulberries 2. Natural size 3. Grade A/B 4. Max 5-8 stems per 10kg carton


We can prouce OrganiC and Covantional Dried Black Mulberries .

black mulberry fruit

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Dried Black Mulberry

Dried Black Mulberry Fruit, Preserved in Syrup or Snack form in Packages

Cambazli's Black Mulberry

Our product growns up on the mountain called Cambazli.

White Mulberry, Black Mulberry

Mulberry white, black, large (fresh, frozen)-selling Wholesale, large wholesale. Mulberry leaves are dried - selling.

organic black Mulberry single strength juice

organic certified 100 % single strength juices 100% NFC No additives No sugar added Glass bottle 1000ml or 250ml

Top quality Frozen Mulberries

IQF Mulberries Frozen Mulberries Certificates: ISO,HACCP,BRC,etc. Successfully exported countries:EU,USA,South East Asian,etc