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Microbial Organic Fertilizer/ Bacteria Fertilizer/ Biological Fertilizer

Microbial Organic Fertilizer 1.Appearance: dark brown powder 2.Odor: slightly fermented odor 3.PH: 6.5-8.0

Hot Sale Double Roller Granulator for Organic Fertilizer

used granulator sale 1.more than 30 years experiences with 70 country 3.CE,ISO,AA

organic fertilizer manufacture in china

1:>Complete water solubility . 2:>Quality:ISO 9001. 3:>Supply sample for free . 4:>sea transportation in qingdao of china .

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Organic foliar fertilizer Calcium Nitrate tetrahydrate

Calcium Nitrate tetrahydrate powder purity 99% CAS 13477-34-4 Used as compound or nitrogen fertilizer factory directly sale

Vegetable Calcium fertilizer silicon fertilizer

silicon fertilizer directly use as soil fertilizer very good to rice contain much CaO and SiO2 can be mixed NPK

100% natural source organic fertilizer amino acid granular with calcium and npk

Appearance: brown round granular Organic matter: 90%min Amino acid: 45%min NPK: 8-3-1% Calcium: 5%, Micronutrients:2%

Best sell vegetable Calcium fertilizer potassium sulphate prices

potassium sulphate prices Excellent customer service Competitive & reliable price

Calcium Amino Acid Chelate Made in China

Calcium is present in plants in quite high quantities, localized in the cell walls and on the outer surface of the plasma membra

growth promoting agent forca calcium formate

growth promoting agent forca calcium formate patent produce ISO/REACH/FAMI-QS factory near port higher purity

100% soluble calcium fertilizer

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Liquid organic calcium foliar fertilizer

Product Character: Dark Brown Liquid Improve crops quality and enhance resistance of crops.

Humic acid vermicompost organic fertilizer vegetable Calcium fertilizer

Calcium fertilizer Material from vegetable only Rice Calcium and Silicon Suit for all crops Cheap price, stable quality

Popular 99% chelatedmicronutrient/organic/calcium foliar fertilizer

1,EDTA-Ca:99% and Ca:10% 2,Free-flowing white powder 3,PH:6.5 -- 7.5 4,Mainly use as micronutrient and bactericide

9% Ca EDTA supply for organic calcium oxide fertilizer

1.Calcium disodium EDTA 2.Calcium Chelated:9.3% 3.Minimum Order Quantity:25KG

Amino Acid Chelate Calcium organic Fertilizer for fruits

Amino Acid Chelate Calcium organic Fertilizer for fruits 1.plant nutrient 2.professional manufacturer 3.high quality amino

Calcium Ligno Sulfonate MG-1 8061-52-7 as Organic Calcium Fertilizer

calcium lignosulfonate can be used in the concrete admxiture ,oil fliend drilling ,animal feed ,fertilizer additives

nitrogen calcium fertilizer

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Calcium Lignosulphonate MG-2 Series fertilizer organic fertilizer

1.Stable quality 2.Competitive prices 3.Water reducing agent 4.Animal feed additives 5.Firebrick adhesives

chelated EDTA Ca /calcium organic fertilizer Ca EDTA

chelated EDTA Ca /calcium organic fertilizer Ca EDTA 1.persistent fertilizer efficiency 2.high efficien

Calcium Amino Acid Chelate Organic Fertilizer

Appearance Light yellow powder Solubility 100% water soluble Moisture :<=5% Total Amino acids>=30% Calcium Oxide:>=15%

Calcium Humate Organic Fertilizer

Boron Humate Organic Fertilizer Properties:black or brown granular Purity: humic acid 70%min

Calcium ammonium nitrate organic fertilizer

Calcium ammonium nitrate organic fertilizer 1.GRANLAR 2-4MM 2.N: 15.5%min 3.Ca: 19%min 4.Quick delivery

calcium fertilizer golf course

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Huminrich Shenyang Humate 12-1-2 Calcium Chelated Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

Shenyang Calcium Chelated Fertilizer Black Brown granule 2-4 mm HAS:40-45% Amino Acid: 10-12% 3weeks delivery

Humic Acid Blue Calcium Liquid fertilizer

Ca: 120g/l min, N+K2O: 100g/l min ( N: 86g/l min, K2O: 14g/l min)

38ml Liquid Organic Fertilizer

ingredident:phosphoric acid,carbamide,manganous sulfate,boric acid,calcium,bitter salt

price for Calcium Nitrate fertilizer price

A colorless transparent monoclinic crystal 1.11.7% N in nitrate form and 16.7% wa 2.sample is ok 3.L/C T/T...

Calcium nitrate fertilizer for sale

calcium ammonium nitrate 1,high quality and competitive price 2,15.5%N and 19% Ca 3,SGS certificate

Huminrich Shenyang Water Soluble Calcium Fertilizer

Huminrich Shenyang Water Soluble Calcium Fertilizer 1)Humic Acid: 45% 2)Organic Matter: 55% 3)Ca:15% 4)Insoluble