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organic liquid fertilizer

organic liquid fertilizer: 1.increase units yield of crops; 2.improve quality of corps; 3.add the nutration.

Liquid organic fertilizer& 36ml Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Plant liquid nutrient; flower liquid nutrient; organic liquid fertilizer;

calcium fertilizer golf course

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powder calcium bulk organic fertilizer

1,EDTA-Ca:99% and Ca:10% 2,Free-flowing white powder 3,PH:6.5 -- 7.5 4,Mainly use as micronutrient and bactericide

SEEK bamboo organic calcium fertilizer

Rich organic matters Bamboo powder and beneficial organisms Yield Increase Soil fertility improvement Approved by IMO&USDA

Liquid organic calcium foliar fertilizer

Product Character: Dark Brown Liquid Improve crops quality and enhance resistance of crops.

Liquid Organic Calcium Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Calcium Fertilizer Ca>180g/L,amino acid>100g/L N+P2O5+K2O>150g/L Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn+B+Mo>20g/L