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Bone Meal (Buffalo and Cow Bone)

Bone meal is a type of fertilizer made from the steamed, sterilized, crushed, and ground bones of animals. The end product is av

Organic Fertilizer for EU and UK Agriculture

This Fertilizer is formulated for UK and EU countries. We do customized fertilizer, If you provide us soil report in your land.

Hooves and Horn Meal Bulk Organic Fertilizer

1. Type: Organic Fertilizer 2. State: Granular 3. App: For Garden Plants 4. Material: Hooves and Horn 5. Origin: Bangladesh

Pure Organic fertilizer 6-2-3

Pure Organic fertilizer 6-2-3 1.100% nature green fertilizer 2.70% or

Dried crushed fish for fertilizer

Dried crushed fish Protein: 35 to 41% Nitrogen: 6 to 8% Humidity: 10% max Package: PP bag 40 KG Origin: Senegal

Organic Fertilizer FON HCP 11-1-0


bulk fish fertilizer

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High Quality Humic Acid Granular Fish Organic Fertilizer

1. Type: Humic Acid 2. Product Type: Manure 3. Release Type: Quick 4. State: Granular 5. Origin: Thailand

100% soluble Fulvic Acid Powder Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Fulvic Acid powder 1.Black powder 2.Natural humic acid 3.Water soluble (Dry basis) :100% 4:FA(dry basis):60%

Good fish meal fertilizer organic npk 16-0-1

Good fish meal fertilizer organic npk 16-0-1 1.corn refined, no chemical substance 2.good quality sample

Organic liquid fish fertilizer

We export organic liquid fish fertilizer of high quality.

Fish Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Agriculture

Fertilizer manufacturer in china Fish liquid for agriculture Organic fertilizer Used by spraying and irrigation

plant soybean fermented rotten and adding fish bone meal organic 90% organic fertilizer with amino acid 40% NPK 14%

1.a high content of organic matter, protein,amino acid 2.purity:90% 3.pure natural (soybean) 4.high quality and lower price

liquid fish fertilizer

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Fish Meal Fertilizer

Fish Meal Fertilizer - Natural Fertilizer - High in Phosphorous and High in Organic nitrogen - 100 % Fish meal

Amino Acid liquid fish Fertilizer

Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer Total Organic Matter: 30%min Amino acid: 12%min Increases crop resistance in adverse condition

organic fertilizer fish soluble fertilizer tea seed meal without straw,tea seed powder, tea seed cake

tea seed meal without straw 1. tea saponin: 15% 2. high purity 3. organic fertilizer 4.supplier of tea seed meal products.

Buffalo and Cow Bone Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer

1. Type: Organic Fertilizer 2. State: Powder 3. App: Raw Materials 4. Material: Hooves and Horns 5. Origin: Bangladesh

TOSSF semi-organic fertilizer/pure organic fertilizer fairway and green

1.Raw materials:bone meal, fish meal, silkworm chrysalis, soybean meal, humic acid etc. 2.Element:NPK+TE(Ca,Mg,S,Zn,B,Mn,Cu,Mo)

Humirich Shenyang Alginic Acid Sources Seaweed Fertilizer With High Organic Matter Organic Liquid Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

SY1001 Organic Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Natural Soluble Seaweed Extract FertilizerBrown Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

make fish fertilizer

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Organic Granular Fertilizer from fish meal

Made with fish, shrimp meal. Contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and essential macro, micro nutrients and vitamins

Seaweed Fertilizer/organic liquid fertilizer

Product character: black or brown liquid, water soluble

Promot Plant Growth 50% Complex Amino Acid, Compound Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

1 complex /compond amino acid 50% 2 CAS NO.: 65072-01-7 3 Animal Source 4 Improve Nutrient Utilization 5. nice price

Liquid organic fertilizer

multiminerals amino acids and NPK is our new formula product which had been sold to Pakistan Market success and best results

Fish Extract Liquid Fertilizer

Fish protein>=80g/L, N>=55g/L, P2O5>=25g/L, K2O>=60g/L

Black Organic Fertilizer

Granular 1.Have good effect on improving the soil. 2.A wide source of raw materials and large quantities. 3.Nutrient is full