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Excellent perfermance disc granulator organic fertilizer plant

Excellent perfermance organic fertilizer plant 1.Motor power 1.5-15kw 2.Capacity 1--5 t/h 3.Lower energy consumpt ,OEM

Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed Fertilizer Efficient&Safty


UREA, DAP, MAP, NPK, D2 We hereby submit our Soft Offer and State that we are ready and willing to Supply

make fish fertilizer

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organic fish liquid fertilizer buyers

High quality organic fish liquid fertilizer 1. Type: Fish fertilizer 2. Release Type: Quick 3. State: Liquid 4. Organic.

complete hydroponic system organic fish fertilizer for aquatic plants

organic fish fertilizer 2.contain 12 nutrient 3.insoluble in water 4.reusable use 5 years

organic fish meal fertilizer for poultry

Fish meal for poultry 1Promote healthy and Growth 2Enhance Nutrition 3Soft Powder and good texture 4free from odour