acidic soil amendments

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BBP NO.1 Bamboo Charcoal patented organic soil amendments

SEEK Bamboo biochar, organic fertilizer series certified by IMO & USDA Absorb heavy metal release good mineral Secure Water

organic soil amendment

organic soil amendment 12-0-4 Organic matter: 45% Humic acid: 16% Amino acid: 8% NPK: 12-0-4

Super Potassium Humik Asit Soil Organic Amender

Black brown powder Water-solubility: 100% Humic acid: 75%-80% K2O: 10%-12% PH: 9-11 Size: 60-80 mesh

Diatomaceous earth granular used as organic soil amendments for your gardem or farm

1.100% natural and environment friendly 2.Enhances nutrient and moisture retention 3.Releases mineral trace elements to soil

2014 Alibaba best bamboo charcoal powder organic soil amendments

Alibaba best organic soil amendments 1. Fixed Carbon 50-60% 2. Micro-nutrients >1.5% 3. State: black powder 4. 100% organic