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60%-70% Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate 1.Black brown particle 2.Diameter:0.2-1mm 3.Humic acid (dry basis):70% 4.Moisture:15% maximum

Potassium Humate

potassium humate water soluble

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2014 organic fertilizer bamboo biochar as soil amendment

Soil Fertility Improve Effective microorganisms Heavy Metal & residual toxicity Absorb humic acid ,amino acid 100% Organic

Horticultural Diatomite Granules Soil Treatment Diatomaceous Earth

1.100% natural and organic; 2.Low bulk density,superior water absorption; 3.Excellent soil amendment performance;

sodium humate- flakes

organic matter:58%min Humic acid(Dry basis):50%min soluble:90%min moisture: 15%max PH:8~10

acidic soil amendments

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Huminrich Shenyang humic acid granules soil amendment

Huminrich humic acid granules soil amendment HAS 55%+Organic Matters 65% NPK:3-5% 3TON MOQ 3weeks delivery

soil fertilizer humic fulvic acid soil amendment

soil fertilizer humic fulvic acid Soil amendment Rich nutritions for plants roots. Port city, fast delivery.

Meigui granular soil amendment for golf course Green and Fairway

1.Meigui granular Fertilizer is a kind of soil improvement fertilizer. 2.SiO2min20%,CaOmin20% 3.Unique promoted-release agent

Soil Amendment

Humic Acid 40%, Amino Acid 10% NPK 14-2-1 Soil Amendment With 1/3 immediately available nutrient and 2/3 slow release humus

soil amendment made in texas named medina

soil amendment made in texas named medina 1) Organic Matter 85% min 2) HA (dry basis) 70% min; FA (dry basis) 3% min 3) Size:

Soil Amendment

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Chennai, our product range includes Soil conditioner such as Fertilizers, Soil Amendment

nature organic soil

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Soil amendment organic fertilizer with humic acid

humic acid granule 1.Origin : lignite 2.Organic matter : 85%min 3.HA : 65%min 4. Improve the structure of soil

fertilizer soil amendment

HUALI diatomite soil amendments are the preferred growing medium for orchid, bonsai trees, hydroponic plants, lawns and turf.

Vermiplus Organic Fertilizer & Amended Soil

Vermiplus Organic Fertilizer & Amended Soil is used as an ion exchanger for improvement and conditioning of the soil

Soil amendment organic humic fertilizer Potassium humus powder/flakes/crystal

1, Soil conditioner organic potassium humus Rich Humic acid 78%min 2, Excellent solubility 100% 3,K2O 10%min 4 Mositure 6%max

Agri-SC soil conditioner

1.Improve soil physicochemical structure 2.Improve soil acidity 3.Enhance soil productivity 4.Increase fertilizer retention

soil amendments potassium humate

1. Natural organic fertilizer 2.High quality 4. Packing: Plastic woven bags with PE liner or as your required, 25Kg net

organic soil conditioner

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soil amendment fertilizer 50%-70% humic acid granular

1) nateral leonardite 2) black granular/powder form 3) high organic matter 4) soil conditioner 5) golden supplier of it

soil amendment fertilizer 98% super potassium humate

(1).Wide apply in almost all plants (2).Brown,Black Powder (3).100% Water Soluble (4).Promote Plant Growth

Soil Amendments Potassium Humate 80%

1 Soil Amendments Potassium Humate 80% 2 CAS No. 1415-93-6 3 Improve efficacy of Herbicide 4 Regulate the nutrient

BBP NO.1 Bamboo Charcoal patented organic soil amendments

SEEK Bamboo biochar, organic fertilizer series certified by IMO & USDA Absorb heavy metal release good mineral Secure Water

organic potassium humate soil amendment

organic potassium humate soil amendment 1) Solubility: 95% 2) Humic acid (dry basis):55%min 3) Potassium content:10%min

Acidic Soil Amendment

acidic soil amendment with humic acid Humic acid: 70% containing NPK +TE competitive price free sample can be sent