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compact water chiller (Industria smalll water chiller )

1.Low noise 2.Easy to clean 3.Flexible to movement 4.Rustproof, anti-vibration 5.High effective heat exchange material

water chiller

1.High quality compressor 2.Work well with TONVA blow molding machine

Jinan High power water chiller

Water chiller 1Thermolysis water-colled chiller 2Economic cooling equipment 3Easy installation and operation 4Easy movable

battery charger with overload protection

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Best selling Hitachi R407c zel refrigeration compressor

Best selling Hitachi R407c zel refrigeration compressor 1.Overload protection 2.Best price energy

LB Type Geer Pump refrigeration compressor oil pumps

1.refrigeration compressor oil pumps 2.Automation Equipment,high precision 3GL,ABS,BV,DNV,3C,ISO certificate 4>40year factory

solar power inverter 600w refrigeration inverter compressor dc12v power inverter

refrigeration inverter compressor 1.High Efficiency 2.Quickly Response 3.Multiple protection 4.CE,ROHS

4TM overload protector for refrigerator compressor

4TM overload protector 1.Earth-friendly Product,Competitive Price 2.Material:Plastic 3.Usage:protect compressor 4.Type:Relay

High quality 4tm refrigeration compressor overload

4tm overload protector ,compressor overload protector, overload for refrigerator ,refrigeration compressor oveload

thermal protection switches for refrigeration compressors

1.The smallest-size thermal protector 2.Repeatable temperature performance over life 3.High quality 4.favorable price

fusheng refrigeration compressor

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Industrial Refrigeration for Food & Beverage Industries

Imported American and Japanese brand new compressors featuring built-in safety protection, low noise

Water Cooled Water Chiller for Air Conditioning, Scroll Compressors, LTWS Series Box Type

-Strict test and inspection; -Overload protection to the compressor; -high quality, high efficient heat exchangers;

overload protector for compressor

overload protector for compressor 1)steady performance 2) waterproof and heat resistant 3) Sample available

QD Series ac overload protector for compressor

1.Excellent characteristics 2.Convenient for customers 3.High quality 4.Best offer, best quality and quick delivery

92KW-462KW Cooling Capacity Screw Type Sanyo Compressor Industrial Water cooled Chillers With Overload Protection

Water cooled Chillers -CE Certificate -Screw Compressor -High Efficiency -R407C, R22

2000W Overloads, Low Voltage and Under Voltage (alarm) protection solar dc system

solar dc system 1.Top Sale,No MOQ 2.Long warranty:25 years. 3.High quality,Low price 4.CE ISO IEC TUV

beverage refrigerator compressor

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YL012-03 mini breaker compressor refrigerator overload protector

schneider breaker 1.Generator parts schneider breaker 2.Manual reset 3.Over current protect 4.CE&OEM

inverter compressor refrigeration power inverter

inverter compressor refrigeration 1.High-end chip 2.93% efficiency 3.8 kind of protection 4.CE

Compressor overload protector

Voltage protector Output Power:6600W Delay time:2-5 minutes adjustable Current 20A South American market

Good Quality PTC Overload Protector for Refrigerator(NH-18)

Good Quality PTC Overload Protector for Refrigerator(NH-18) 1.We have more than 10 years experience 2.ISO9001:2008,CE,RoHS

Overload protection water chiller from Xiecheng factory

Overload protection water chiller from Xiecheng factory 1.DANFOSS compressor; 2.high efficiency,energy saving

Most Effective Refrigeration Screw Water Chiller

Screw Water Chiller 1.Temp range 5~+35C 2..Bitzer/Hanbell compressor 3.Multi protect device 4.CE certificate