oxidise bitumen 115 15

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Bitupak Oxidised Bitumen

Bitupak 95/25, 115/15, 110/30 all roofing grades supplied in easy release 25kg bags

Oxidised Bitumen

PACKING Type III and 85/25 in 190-kg steel drums.

Oxidise Bitumen

Oxidise Grade Bitumen: * 80/25 * 85/25 * 85/40 * 10/20 * 115/15

Sell Bitumen & Oxidised Bitumen Roofing Asphalt

We have 200 tons of oxidised bitumen 85/25 packed in steel drums of 200 KG net weight, ready for exp

Sell Bitumen, Oxidised Bitumen

United Bitumens is a UK based company that currently operates in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia,

Oxidised Bitumen 115/15

- Softening Point : 110/120 ASTM D-36 - Penetrarion : 10/20 ASTM D-5 - Stability : 99.5(min) ASTM D-2042

bitumen from turkey

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We are IBN ALLEWA GROUP OF COMPANIES, a Infrastructure Support Co dealing into trading, supplies and retailing of Bitumen in Ind

Oxidized Bitumen

We are a major suppliers and exporters of Oxidized Bitumen 115 / 15 from UAE.

Oxidised Bitumen bag for Oxidised Bitumen packing

Oxidised Bitumen bag for Oxidised Bitumen packing 1)USAGE: BITUMAN/ASPHALT 2)CAN USED PACKING OXIDIZED ASPHALT 3)LAYER: 3 LAY

oxidised bitumen oxidized asphalt blown bitumen

united petrol is manufacturer of blown bitumen oxidised asphalt oxidized bitumen 115/15 95/25 75/25 85/25 90/40 90/15 150/5

Oxidised Bitumen 90/15

Oxidised Bitumen 90/15 1) Packed in 25kg polyamid bags 2) 880 bags in one container 3) Ontime delivery