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Bitumen Coating

> Product is a mixture of oxidzed bitumen with inert non-fibrous fillers > used for coating of oil and gas pipe and water pipe

Bitumen Based Coating Enamel

> Resistance to cold stress > highly suitable for underground piping > Low water absorption > Flexibility

-25 centigrade low temperature freezer

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oxidized bitumen 85 25

Packed in : steel drums Supply ability : 1000 MT per month

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25

Blown Grade Bitumen 85/25

85/25, 115/15, 90/10, 10/20 Bitumen Packing Bag

Oxidized Bitumen Kraft Paper Bag Max Filling Temperature 240degree Hot Bitumen Packing Silicon Coated Inside No Remain

oxidised bitumen oxidized asphalt blown bitumen

united petrol is manufacturer of blown bitumen oxidised asphalt oxidized bitumen 115/15 95/25 75/25 85/25 90/40 90/15 150/5