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2012 hot sale high pressure steam cleaning machine

steam cleaning machine 1,vapor,vacuum and clean 2,dryness/wetness of steam is adjustable 3,cleaning hotel, restaurant, room

spray paint rust

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road shot blasting machine removes rust and paint

Floor Shot Blasting Machine 1 blasting machine for contere road 2 OEM 3 ISO9001

bulk container anti rust/corrosion water borne paint lacuer

Anti rust/corrosion water borne paint: It is healthy and environmentally friendly. Excellent physical and chemical property.

Long lasting paint colors paint against rust, corrosion, UV damage

1. cost effectiveness and product excellence 2. complete tint system for easy access 3. strong technical support

4-1/2"x7/8 Paint & Rust / Easy Strip & Clean Disc

Premium quality European zirc made to EU standards

Steel plate shot blasting machine can remove rust and paint

1,High quality. 2Can clean steel plate,sheet, frame. 3,Professional manufacturer. 4,High efficiency, CE,ISO9001.

725-H45-88 On Rust And Long Term Anticrrosive paint

A coating applied on rusted metal and it is characterized by long term anticorrosive. VOC less than 240g/L.

car paint rust

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30/60 mesh garnet sand blasting old steel rust and paints

1.garnet sand blasting 2.for sandblasting,rust and sand removal 3.manufacturer 4.rock type,good hardness 5.good price

remove rust from brass/names of woodworking tools/wood varnish paint

wood varnish paint free samples available Customized logo ,packing are accepted Factory in china with various style

CNS paint rust stripping & clean cup wheel with fiber glass backing

1.) manufacturer & OEM avaliable 2.) faster carrying off heats & not damage workpieces 3.) CNS wheel for car paint removal

protable shot blasting removes rust and paint

Protable Shot Blasting Machine 1.ISO9001 & CE 2.OEM & ODM saving 4.high efficiency and service life is long

30/60 garnet sand blasting steel rust and old paints

30/60 garnet sand blasting 1.for surface blast cleaning 2.ISO9001,SAE 3.rock hardness brown color,good price

paint rust/easy strip & clean disc

1.) manufacturer & OEM avaliable 2.) faster carrying off heats & not damage workpieces 3.) paint rust rempoval for car

paints rust resistant

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rust and paint removal and polishing flap disc

1. flap disc 2. applicable to various weldings, castings and metal fabrication industries 3. rapid & high efficiency

High quallity high pressure remove the concrete roughing,the rust and the paint equipment- with CE ISO9001

remove the paint equipment SS triplex plungers low speed pump long-term working life pressure adjus


Suitable for grinding right into corners, across contours and in hard to reach areas.

remove rust from brass acrylic paint brush

Customized logo and packing are accepted Factory with various styles remove rust from brass acrylic paint brush