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poly hema

1. HEMA is our main product 2. Stable supply 3. Strict quality control 4. Rich experience to export 5. Perfect service

ULTRA VISCOSITY Poly anioniccellulose

Poly anioniccellulose good quality effective low cost good package

EPOMIN SP series Poly(ethyleneimine)

EPOMIN SP series Poly(ethyleneimine) BASF G-35 EPOMIN SP series

pam factory price

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Factory supply pam for water treatment

1.purity 90% min 2.high quality 3.white granule 4.M.W.: 5 - 22million 5.sample for free

Polyacrylamide / PAM factory

polyacrylamide / PAM factory *White powder *Molecular weight:300million-2000million *Solid content: more than 90%

Anionic Polyacrylamide APAM PAM factory price with excellent quality

1. Molecular Weight : 12-18 million 2. Degree of Hydrolysis : 30%-40% 3. Low cost, competitive price 4. Free sample

polyacrylamide gel,PAM water treatment ,anionic /cationic PAM factory price

1.Manufacturer 2.Free Samples are Available 3. Polyacrylamide 4.Certification: ISO9001:2008

best price pam

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Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory in china with competitive price

1.Product name: Poly(acrylamide) 2.CAS No:9003-05-8 3.Most competitive price at China Market

Factory /PAM/CPAM/APAM/PHPA for Water Treatment

Anionic Polyacrylamide 1. High Molecular Weight 2500-3000 2. High Viscosity 3. Production Capacity 4. Best After Service

Industry grade Polyacrylamide PAM factory for water treatment

1. High Molecular Weight 300-2500 2. High Viscosity 3. Strong Production Capacity 4. prompt delivery

organic flocculant polyacrylamide PAM factory

organic flocculant pam 1.White granules 2.Solid content:90%min 3.M.W.: 5 - 25million min 4.Monomer free: 0.05

shandong PAM factory--Oil field chemical

1)oil drilling use chemical 2)Solid Content(%) >=89 3)Degree of hydrolysis 28%--35% 4)Molecular Weight 20 million

1800 factories

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Manufacture supply Polyacrylamide(PAM) Water Treatment Flocculant Chemical,Cationic PAM----mud dehydrating agent,PAM factory

1) cationic/anionic/nonionic type 2) directly manufacturer 3) best price and excellent quality

Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory in china with low price

Poly(acrylamide): 1.PAM Polyacrylamide 2.CAS NO.:9003-05-8 3. Appearance: white granule 4. Molecular weight: 5 - 22 milli

Polyacrylamide PAM factory/plant

Polyacrylamide powder 1. appearance: white powder 2. solid content: more than 88% 3. dissolving time: not less than 60min