pam factory price

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shandong PAM factory--Oil field chemical

1)oil drilling use chemical 2)Solid Content(%) >=89 3)Degree of hydrolysis 28%--35% 4)Molecular Weight 20 million

Polyacrylamide PAM factory/plant

Polyacrylamide powder 1. appearance: white powder 2. solid content: more than 88% 3. dissolving time: not less than 60min

Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory in china with low price

Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory in china with low price1.Appearance:White powder. 2.Molecular Weight:8-20million. 3. Factory

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Factory /PAM/CPAM/APAM/PHPA for Water Treatment

Anionic Polyacrylamide 1. High Molecular Weight 2500-3000 2. High Viscosity 3. Production Capacity 4. Best After Service

Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory in china with competitive price

1.Product name: Poly(acrylamide) 2.CAS No:9003-05-8 3.Most competitive price at China Market

Poly(acrylamide) PAM factory with competitive price

1.Polyacrylamide for water treatment 2.PAM from factory 3.High molecular weight 4.Environmental protection 5.Non-toxic