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Coil Cleaning Chemical

Excellent all in one all organic treatment chemical

Chemicals pentaerythritol95%

used to produce Alkyd resin, paint, ink, rosin, tall oil, dry oil, explosives, plasticizer, stabilizer, cosmetics

pam (flocculating agent)

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pam flocculant

pam flocculant Poly(acrylamide) CAS: 9003-05-8 white granule/ powder Anionic,Cationic & Nonionic

Emulsion pam flocculant

WW PAM emulsion Product Appearance Opalescent white emulsion

Industrial grade polyacrylamide flocculant/Waste water treatment chemical/PAM flocculant

Industrial grade polyacrylamide flocculant For municipal & industrial waste water treatment Cationic charge

100%polyacrylamide/anionic/cationic/non-ionic PAM flocculants for water treatment

1. Genuine high quality 2. Rockbottom factory price 3. Prompt delivery 4. Flexible payment term 5. Reliable longterm partner

polyacrylamide pam flocculant

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pam flocculant.

1 pam flocculant. 2 ISO 9001:2008 3 Waterproof,perfect oil absorbency 4 Technic:melt-blown

Sewage treatment flocculant fm007 PAM,Polyacrylamide

Cationic polymer /Polyacrylamide PAM 1 High molecular weight 2.Best Price,first quality... 3. Easy to dissolve

High effective Water Treatment chemical cationic polyelectrolyte pam flocculant

Cationic Polyaelectrolyte pam flocculant 1.Ion Charge: 20-70% 2.Content: 90% min 3.Dissolve time: 1h 4.PH: 6-14

pam flocculant water treatment chemical

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best price---pam flocculant

pam flocculant 1.Textile Auxiliary Agent 2.Sewage Water Treatment 3.Mine washing 4.pam gel of oil field

pam flocculant/High quality MSDS Cation and anionic Polyacrylamide for water treatment

pam flocculant 1.ISO9001:2000. 2.Mainly used in chemical industry. 3.For water treatment etc. 4.Validity:2years.

cationic polyacrylamide/ Flocculant /Coagulant PAM/CPAM

cationic polyacrylamide/ 1.High quality low price 2. 20 years manufature 3.SGS ISO