pam (flocculating agent)

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anionic polyacrylamide pam flocculant price high quality,low price 2.water treatment chemicals 3.Flocculant 4. prompt delivery

A factory directly 2014 hot exporting polyacrylamide/pam flocculant

polyacrylamide/pam flocculant 1.Polyacrylamide purity 90% min 2.Anionic Polyacrylamide 3,free sample,fast delivery

pam flocculant

pam flocculant Poly(acrylamide) CAS: 9003-05-8 white granule/ powder Anionic,Cationic & Nonionic

polyacrylamide pam flocculant

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PAM Flocculant/Polyacrylamide Water treatment Chemical Anionic Polymer Anionic Polyacrylamide Anionic Flocculant PAM APAM

Anionic Polyacrylamide 1. High Molecular Weight 2500-3000 2. High Viscosity 3. Production Capacity 4. Best After Service

Anionic series PAM Mining Flocculant

1>High Molecular Weight 2>Fast Dissolving 3>High Efficiency

CPAM/cationic polyacrylamide/ Coagulant PAM/Flocculant

1 exported to Vietnam,India Canada ect. 2 manufacturer 3 ISO9001:2000 3.flocculant rapidly 4.suits for water ph 1-14

pam flocculant water treatment chemical

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polyacrylamide pam flocculation

1)China supplier of Polyacrylamide pam 2) Molecular weight: 10--22 million 3) Inherent content: 90% min; 4) High viscosity

anionic polyacrylamide flocculant /pam water treatment polymer

Polyacrylamide PAM for water treatment 1.purity 90% min 2.specification anionic polyacrylamide 3.white granule 4.M.W.: 5

manufacturer supply Polyacrylamide(PAM),PAM flocculant for oil industry,high-quality PAM for water treatment

1. Chemical flocculating agent 2. CPAM /APAM /HCPAM /NPAM 3. Low price and high quality