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Factory supply Anionic Polyacrylamide PAM

Product name:Polyacrylamide CAS#:9003-05-8 Usage:Polyacrylamide is an important water soluble polymer ISO Certification

industrial wastewater treament cationic and anionic polyacrylamide ( pam )

Polyacrylamide 1.molecular weight : 6-20 millions 2.solid content:>=90% 3.PH 7-14 4.solution rate : <=0.05-0.1%

High Quality Anionic PAM Polyacrylamide

1.Good thickening ability. 2.Dosing quantity is 1/50 of the inorganic flocculant. 3.clarify water promptly.

pam (flocculating agent)

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100%polyacrylamide/anionic/cationic/non-ionic PAM flocculants for water treatment

1. Genuine high quality 2. Rockbottom factory price 3. Prompt delivery 4. Flexible payment term 5. Reliable longterm partner

PAM Flocculant/Polyacrylamide Water treatment Chemical

PAM Flocculant/Polyacrylamide Water treatment Chemical sample 3. for oil-field, geological drilling and well boring

anionic PAM flocculant

anionic PAM flocculant Poly(acrylamide) CAS: 9003-05-8 white granule/ powder Anionic,Cationic & Nonionic

Emulsion pam flocculant

WW PAM emulsion Product Appearance Opalescent white emulsion

polyacrylamide pam flocculant

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polyacrylamide pam flocculation/APAM/Anionic Polyacrylamide

1>High Molecular Weight 2>Fast Dissolving 3>High Efficiency

anionic polyacrylamide pam flocculant price high quality,low price 2.water treatment chemicals 3.Flocculant 4. prompt delivery

Cationic PAM flocculant

1)Cationic PAM flocculant; 2) Molecular weight: 8million ; 3) Inherent content: 90% min; 4) ISO 9001: 2008 standards;

Mancfacturer supply anionic pam flocculant for water purification

anionic pam flocculant 1.White granule/powder 2.Molecular Weight:8-20million 3.Solid content:90%m

pam flocculant water treatment chemical

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polyacrylamide pam flocculation

polyacrylamide pam flocculation 1.mud dehydrating agent 2.paper-making adhesive 3.treatment of Sewage 4.oil field chemicals

PAM flocculant Price

PAM flocculant Price Cation/Anionic PAM Flocculant Polyacrylamide(PAM) /PHPA Best quality PAM

PAM flocculant fm015

1, Molecular weight 11million 2,Ionic degree 50% 3,Solids content 90% 4,PH value: 1-14

msds anionic /cationic pam flocculant suppliers made in china

1,msds anion pam 2,factory supply 3,water treatment 4,Petroleum chemical industry 5,Paper making, textile

Water chemical polyacrylamide/pam flocculant

polyacrylamide/pam flocculant 1.PAM manufacturer 2.SGS/BV/CIQ certified 3.Free sample