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Supply polyacrylamide/pam msds for water treatment

anionic pam 1.Cationic Polyacrylamide 2.Anionic Polyacrylamide 3.Nonionic Polyacrylamide 4.sample free

anionic polyacrylamide / pam msds

polyacrylamide/pam msds 1.purity:90% min. 2.white granule. 3.Ionic degree: 5 - 24million. 4.Monomer free: 0.05.

Cationic polymer for belt press sweage dewatering/pam

1,Cationic polymer for belt press sweage dewatering 2,Industrial wastewater treatment 3,For belt press 4,CPAM

Impregnated Granular Coal Activated Carbon

Impregnated Coal activated carbon Good specific surface area Large pore volume Tremendous pore structure

Triclosan / Soap / CAS # 3380-34-5

1)Triclosan for soap 2)25kg cardboard or plastic drum 3)Capability: 100mt/month


BORIC ACID 1.Chemical Formula: H3BO3 2. Molecular Weight: 61.83

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Oil Auxiliary Agents Anionic PAM for Petroleum Additives

Anionic PAM 1.ISO9001&ISO14001 2.Free sample 3.OEM 4.Direct sale of manufacturer

Polyacrylamide PAM for water treatment

1.Best price of high purity 2.Solid Content: more than90%' 3.high molecular weight

(Electronic Components)PAM//CX77129-12R

PAM//CX77129-12R1.Samples Offer2.Best Price3.Fast Delivery4.Components Expert

without NaCl anionic pam cationic pam nonionic pam for Water Treatment Chemicals

Polyacrylamide PAM 1.high viscosity 2.dissolve easily 3.Resistance to shear 4.Certification: ISO9001:2008.

leather watch strap for pam

leather watch strap for pam

Chemical Auxiliary Agents Anionic pam for Petroleum Products

Anionic Flocculant PAM 1.ISO9001&ISO14001 2.Free sample 3.OEM 4.Direct sale of manufacturer

pam pam caps

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foul water purification cationic pam

cationic pam 1.Samples are Available 2.Waste water treatment, Oil Field 3.ISO9001 ISO14001

pam/cpam/apam/polyacrylamide/cationic polyacryamide/anionic polyacrylamide

pam/cpam/apam/polyacrylamide 1.industrial wastewater treatment 2.enhanced oil recovery 3.municipal sewage treatment

Polyacrylamide pam

1)Polyacrylamide pam 2)For waste water treatment 3)For drilling mud 4)14--25million molecular weight 5) high solid content

Water Treatment Flocculant Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide pam

1.ISO9001:2008 2.11years manufacture experience 3.Partners:SINOPEC PETROCHINA CNOOC

Polyacrylamide 90% PAM

Adopt advanced Japanese technology in the polymer area. Export to Saudi Arabia,Turkey, and U.A.E.

nonionic polyacrylamide PAM

1. White powder/granule 2. Solid c: 89% Min 3. MW: 12Million 4. Hydrolysis Degree: 3%

pam pam water

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oil drilling chemicals anionic pam ( polyacrylamide )

PAM 1)water treatment chemicals 2) white granule powder 3) MW:5-18 M 4) polyacrylamide

water treatment flocculants cationic polyacrylamide pam

cation polyacrylamide Appearance white granule/powder Fineness Degree: 100% pass 20 standard sieve Cationic Degree(%) 5-90

anionic polyacrylamide pam

1.anionic polyacrylamide pam 2. High molecular weight and purity 3.Used in oil-field,geological drilling and well boring.

low dosage excellent pam with good performance

1. pam with high quality 2. low dosage 3. good performance 4. large capacity 5. full-automatic control


PAM 1:For Water Treatment and mining industry; 2:Competitive price 3:90% Min Pure 4:Free Sample

drilling mud chemical polyacrylamide pam

drilling mud chemical polyacrylamide pam 1.Appearance:White powder. 2.Molecular Weight:8-20million.