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Anlan Shock water treatment chemical for public swimming pool and spa

1) Soluble in water 2) Without odor 3) Strong oxidability 4)swimming pool and spa chemical 5)Non-chlorinated

Ochemate MCA202 reverse osmosis antiscalant industrial chemical for water plant treatment system

antiscalant for water plant 1.8 times concentrate anti-scaling agent 2.control scale 3.avoid deposit

RO reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment/drinking water treatment chemicals

HOT Reverse Osmosis water equipment 1,PLC control &CE standard 2,DOW low pressure film 3,Stainless steel SUS316/304

pam pam caps

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Cationic PAM for industrial water treatment

1.Apppearance:white powder 2.Molecular weight:8-15million 3.Degree of cation:18-20% 4.PH value:3-8 5.Solid content:>88

(Hot offer) 2SD882-AZ PAM

2SD882-AZ PAM 1.Compepetive price 2.Fastest Delivery 3.Large Quantity Long-term Supply

Wasted water treatment polyacrylamide/pam/sludge treatment pam

1. Controlable molecular weight and ion charge density 2. ISO 9001:2008 registered 3. Competitive prices

pam pam water

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Polyacrylamide pam

1)Polyacrylamide pam 2)For waste water treatment 3)For drilling mud 4)14--25million molecular weight 5) high solid content

IC (PAM8803) PAM SSOP-24

Brand: PAM Package: SSOP-24 D/C: 2010+ New and original, best price, fast deliver!!

Anionic Polyacrylamide PAM for mining or wastewater industry

Type:Adsorbent HS Code:3906901000 QC:ISO9001/ISO14001


PAM 1:For Water Treatment and mining industry; 2:Competitive price 3:90% Min Pure 4:Free Sample

Anionic PolyAcrylamide PHPA/PAM

Anionic PolyAcrylamide PHPA/PAM 1.wellbore shales control 2.High viscosity 3.molecular weight 22million 4.ISO9001

Cationic flocculant pam

1,Cationic 2,PAM 3,90%purity 4,white powder