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chemical polyelectrolyte anionic pam

chemical polyelectrolyte anionic pam 1.Certificate :ISO9001 2.Competitive price and Excellent quality 3 Free sample

pac pam

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cationic/anionic polyacrylamide flocculant PAM for sludge dewatering agent polyacrylamide price

Cationic/Anionic Polyacrylamide flocculant PAM 1.solid content:90% 2.M,W:3-20million 3.Monomer free: 0.05% max

High quality with competitive price PAM/POLYACRYLAMIDE

PAM 1.Certificate :ISO9001 2.Competitive price and Excellent quality 3 Free sample and rapid after-service

Polyacrylamide / PAM / phpa

1.mainly used for: solid-liquid separation in mineral separation 2.Color:White 3.Apprance:powder

pam polyacrylamide

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Cationic PAM solid & liquid

Cationic pam Solid content: 90% Molecular weight: 6 -12 million Charge degree: 5%-60% Competitive price

1335606 FUSE 3 PAM


polyacrylamide/PAM for different industry use

no color,no taste,no poison linear high molecular polyme easy to be soluted best filter media polyacrylamide/pam widely used

Water treament chemicals - PAM (polyacrylamide)

1.Polyacrylamide PAM 2.Packing:25kg/paper bag 3.White granule/powder 4.Use:water treatment,oil field,mineral,textile