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Professional manufacture of acid fracturing polymer/pam

1,Professional manufacture 2,Gel formation happens before the injection on the ground 3,Good elastisity,no residue

Water-soluble polymer high molecular weight PAM polyacylamide

1. Quality polyacrylamide 2. competitive price 3. prompt delivery 4. widely used in oil field, water treatment, coal washing

K PAM with polymer type inhibitor

Shale control Powder potassium salt PAM 1.Oilfield chemicals 2.Viscosifier 3.Hot sell in 19 countries 4.ISO9001&ISO14001

oilfield pam

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Mud Chemical PHPA / EOR / Drilling Fluid / Oilfield / Polyacrylamide / APAM / NPAM / CPAM / PAM

1. Marsh Viscosity : at least 70s 2. Brookfield Viscosity : 50-85s 3. Molecular Weight : 16-22 million 4. High Viscosity

anionic polyacrylamide / pam msds

polyacrylamide/pam msds 1.purity:90% min. 2.white granule. 3.Ionic degree: 5 - 24million. 4.Monomer free: 0.05.

Polyacrylamide pam

1)Polyacrylamide pam 2)For waste water treatment 3)For drilling mud 4)14--25million molecular weight 5) high solid content

Water Treatment Chemicals PAM

Chemicals PAM 1.Polyacrylamide/Pam 2. White granule 3.ISO9001 4.ISO14001

cationic/anionic polyacrylamide flocculant PAM for sludge dewatering agent polyacrylamide price

Cationic/Anionic Polyacrylamide flocculant PAM 1.solid content:90% 2.M,W:3-20million 3.Monomer free: 0.05% max

pac pam

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nonionic polyacrylamide PAM

1. White powder/granule 2. Solid c: 89% Min 3. MW: 12Million 4. Hydrolysis Degree: 3%


PAM 1:For Water Treatment and mining industry; 2:Competitive price 3:90% Min Pure 4:Free Sample

Shale stabilizer Water soluble potassium PAM

Shale stabilizer Water soluble potassium PAM 1.Oilfield chemicals 2.Viscosifier 3.Hot selling in countries 4.ISO9001:2008

Water Treatment Flocculant Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide pam

1.ISO9001:2008 2.11years manufacture experience 3.Partners:SINOPEC PETROCHINA CNOOC

low dosage excellent pam with good performance

1. pam with high quality 2. low dosage 3. good performance 4. large capacity 5. full-automatic control

pam polyacrylamide

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Anionic PAM(APAM)

Anionic PAM 1,Molecular weight:3-20 million 2,Solids content: 90% 3,PH value: 7-14 4,hydrolysis degree 20-30%

Factory supply polyacrylamide PAM

Molecular weight:8-16Million Solid content:90% Degree of hydrolysis (%):20-30% Usage :water treatment , drilling and so on

Cationic Polyacrylamide CPAM pam For Sludge Dewatering

Cationic Polyacrylamide CPAM pam For Sludge Dewatering 1.White granule/powder 2.Molecular Weight:8-20million 3.Solid

High quality with competitive price PAM/POLYACRYLAMIDE

PAM 1.Certificate :ISO9001 2.Competitive price and Excellent quality 3 Free sample and rapid after-service

pam/cpam/apam/polyacrylamide/cationic polyacryamide/anionic polyacrylamide

polyacrylamide cationic polyacryamide anionic polyacrylamide nonionic polyarylamide

Oil field chemical agent Cationic PAM

Oil field chemical agent Cationic PAM 1 Molecular weight 15-20 million 2 Degree of hydrolysis 25-40% 3 Solid content 88%mi