photo paper glue

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2014 Nenghui High Quality Paper Box Glue

2014 Nenghui High Quality Paper Box Glue: 1. Short setting time 2. Non-stringy 3. Feasible fo

paper bag glue

paper bag glue 1.China direct manufacturer 2.Paper bag made of Art paper 3.For packaging & shopping 4.ISO 9001:2008,FSC

#P08 New Fashion Lady's Paper Eyelashes Glue oem

Eyelashes Glue oem: 1.Good Paper Eyelash 2.100% natural style 3.OEM/ODM service 4.Korea good-quality glue

kraft paper glue

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paper tube glue

1) paper tube glue 2)Materail kraft paper,paperboard 3)Shape cylindrical,round, square 4)Samble be free

industrial gelatin Hot Melt and Pasted paper Gelatin Glue

1 Cert:ISO, HACCP, Halal 2 Jel-strength: 80~280 Bloomg 3 Viscosity: 30 min Mpa.S 4 Size: 8~80mesh 5 Origin:Skin,Bone