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paper laminating glue

water based cold lamination glue is a complex paper and plastic laminating adhesive , low costs,Strong adhesive relay,

Gelatin glue for paper box

gelatin glue for paper box Viscosity: 40-50 Mpa.s Jelly strength:40 - 500Bloomg

Glue Granule for Melamine Impregnated Paper YD-3E

1.EVA 2.ISO,RoHS,REACH 3.Manufacturer 4.Packing 5.glue granule for melamine impregnated paper


Formulated from synthetic surfactants that is designed to replace hazardous agents, solvents, acids and high alkali chemicals.

Fab concrete mould oil/Fab shuttering

Mould release chemical oil-based for concrete.


Detergents (Cakes /Bars / Liquid) Toilet Soaps / Bathing Bars, Shampoo / Hand-wash / Fine fabric wash Emulsion

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Modified tapioca starch glue for kraft paper bags

1Modified tapioca starch glue for kraft paper bags 2 Rapidly dry ; 3 Strong adhesion 4 Usage savings 5 Moisture proof

potato starch wallpaper glue

potato starch wallpaper glue 1.strong viscosity,stable performance 2.Competitve price 3.Easy mix in cold water 4.OEM service

DS318 lcd uv glue adhesive

hot melt adhesive for metal 1.powerful adhesion for fabric 2.seasons resistance 3.water and dry resistant

LATEX GLUE chloroprene adhesive item 909 brand heli

LATEX GLUE chloroprene adhesive item 909 brand heli color :yellow

Urea Formaldehyde Resin (powder glue)

1. UF Resin white powder 2.Transportation and storage more convenient 3.Factory directly salls 4.Delivery fast

Water dissolvable clear glue for kraft paper bags

1Water dissolvable clear glue for kraft paper bags 2 Rapidly dry ; 3 Strong adhesion 4 Usage savings 5 Moisture proof

photo paper glue

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Paper Glue for Paper Packing Box/Envelop/Paper Bag

Paper Glue 1. Water based glue 2. Bond PP to Paper or PET to paper 3. Solid content: 62% 4. Good for machine

paper glue

White Color Hot Melt Glue with With Good Transparence ,Beautiful Appearance ,And Very Flexible Features,.

wood white craft paper glue 500g

wood white craft paper glue 500g 1.Factory direct wholesale 2.OEM produce 3.Customized is welcomed

MAGPOW paper glue,MPF107 water-based glue,white wood glue

paper glue 1.high viscosity 2.non-toxic, no smell, dry quick 3.use as sticks for paper 4.small lumber, wood board etc

cigarette filter tipping paper glue

Cigarette adhesive include side seaming series, filter tipping series and packaging series.

paper glue

1.SGS approved 2.chep price common wood,cardboard,karft,decoration 4.warranty:1year

kraft paper glue

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paper glue

Animal Bone Glue 1 .Best quality 2. Pearl shape, Golden color; 3.Better price from manufacturer

Powder Liquid Paper Glue

Powder Liquid Paper Glue 1.Strong adhesion starch raw dry 3.environment-friendly need heating,no smell

Paper glue

1.Polyvinyl Alcohol pva powder 2.PVA17-88 textile sizing & Dyeing Auxiliary 3.CAS No.: 9002-89-5 4.PVA1799/2699/2488/1788

Corrugating Adhesives, General Purpose Adhesives, Paper glue

High performance synthetic resin based adhesive for all packaging applications, Corrugating, Labelling and Core Winding

paper glue

paper glue 1. high hardness and high gloss 2.low viscosity, self-leveling,self-defoam, anti-moisture,

wall paper glue from Meijing

It is white liquid. It is used in affixed back to the glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic . Viscosity: approx. 12000-30000cps

creative papers glues

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paper glue

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

emery paper glue

1 Cert: ISO, HACCP, Halal 2 Jel-strength: 80~280 Bloomg 3 Viscosity: 3.0 min Mpa. S 4 Size: 8~80mesh

textile wall paper adhesive glue

Wall paper adhesive glue 1.Dissolving quickly in cold water 2.Potato starch, strong viscosity 3.Long guarantee:36 months

Liquid glue liquid paper glue pva white liquid glue

it is white emulsion which can dissolve in water, innocuous and flavourless, non-corrosive and non-contaminative.

mouse glue paper

mouse glue trap board 1,FOB 0.2 USD-0.5/pcs 2 mini order :20feet 3packing :100pcs/carton 4,delivery time :20days

hide glue for technical uses(adhesive agent,glue binder,paper glue)

Hide glue/hide gelatin;(112bloom~504bloom;20~200mps);own factories;more than5000ton/year;