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paper winding glue

Paper winding glue PR-378G gives great initial bonding strength for winding paper tube, plywood/decorative paper or gift case.

rat & mouse glue paper

1,We can offer customized service 2.Our products are produced by our factory,good quality,high viscosity 3we send goods timely

cigarette filter tipping paper glue

cigarette paper glue, filter tipping paper glue 10 years experience production: 1,000 tons/month certificate ROHS, SGS

All purpose wallcovering glue

1.Ready-used glue 2.Excellent stickness 3.Convenient to transport and storage 4.Environment friendly 5.Valid period:30 month

FSG CASTOR OIL for china


General Cleaning Purpose Industrial 100% Pure Solvent Thinner

1. Material: Nitrocellulose 2. Application Method: Brush 3. Usage: Cleaning 4. State: Liquid 5. Color: Clear

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paper base glue for wallpaper

glue for wallpaper 1.Friendly environment,strong viscosity 2.Easy mix with cold water 3.Competitive price,OEM service

Alibaba China top quality starch glue for composite paper

1 Quickly dry ; 2;Saving cost 3 Firmly bonding 4 Superior moisture resistance

white glue,non toxic

Strong adhesive, non-toxic tasteless, non-corrosive, non-polluting, anti-aging properties.

Excellent Water-based white wood glue

water-based white wood glue: 1.high viscosity 2.non-toxic, not smelly, dry quick 3.use as sticks for paper 4.small lumber,

1KG bottle Glue

1. Professional, high performance cyanoacrylate, 2. Bond many materials, 3. Fast curing time 4. long shelf for repeat use

china supplier pu foam filter glue Environmental pu foam filter glue in line foam pu filter glue

pu foam filter glue 1.Environmental friendly pu foam filter glue 2.Cream time 15-20s 3.Demold time 8-2min

photo paper glue

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Carpoly paper glue

paper glue 1.good film-forming property 2.strong viscidity drying 4.resistance to dilute acid and akali

Paper glue

1.Polyvinyl Alcohol pva powder 2.PVA17-88 textile sizing & Dyeing Auxiliary 3.CAS No.: 9002-89-5 4.PVA1799/2699/2488/1788

MAGPOW paper glue,MPF107 water-based glue,white wood glue

paper glue 1.high viscosity 2.non-toxic, no smell, dry quick 3.use as sticks for paper 4.small lumber, wood board etc

wood white craft paper glue 500g

wood white craft paper glue 500g 1.Factory direct wholesale 2.OEM produce 3.Customized is welcomed

Corrugating Adhesives, General Purpose Adhesives, Paper glue

High performance synthetic resin based adhesive for all packaging applications, Corrugating, Labelling and Core Winding

Paper Glue for Paper Packing Box/Envelop/Paper Bag

Paper Glue 1. Water based glue 2. Bond PP to Paper or PET to paper 3. Solid content: 62% 4. Good for machine

kraft paper glue

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paper glue

paper glue 1. high hardness and high gloss 2.low viscosity, self-leveling,self-defoam, anti-moisture,

Paper glue

1.Polyvinyl Alcohol pva powder 2. textile sizing & Dyeing Auxiliary 3.CAS No.: 9002-89-5 4.PVA1799/2699/2488/1788

Cigarette Tipping paper glue

1. High speed cigarette lap adhesive 2. Good flexibility 3. Fast Curing 4. Excellent adhesion 5..OEM available

cigarette filter tipping paper glue

Cigarette adhesive include side seaming series, filter tipping series and packaging series.

Wall Paper Glue

1. A multipurpose wood and paper adhesive 2. Fast drying and high strength

creative papers glues

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make rolling paper glue

Synthetic Resin for Main Material Based Hot Melt Adhesive in Yellow color.With good Quality and Price.

liquid paper glue

Pasting Paper Glue environmentally-friendly unique production process stable quality good weatherabili

paper glue

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

cigarette paper glue/adhesive

cigarette paper glue Uses in the cigarette production the side paper's caking.

wall paper glue from Meijing

It is white liquid. It is used in affixed back to the glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic . Viscosity: approx. 12000-30000cps

Wall paper glue

1.Good adhesion 2.widely used 3.Good quality wall paper glue 4.Good price