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Healthcare supplement seabuckthorn oil soft capsules 500mg/pc 350mg/pc

Seabuckthorn oil soft capsules 500mg/pc 1.GMP factory 2.High technology 3.Strict QC system 4.ISO & HACCP

garlic oil soft capsule

garlic oil soft capsule Allicin or Alliin 500mg-1000mg / capsule 100% Natural material stable source Provide OEM serv

BNP competitive price and high quality odorless garlic oil 0.24% for soft capsules

1.Garlic Extract: Allicin0.2%-3%,Alliin1%-5% 2.Pure Garlic Oil 3.Odorless Garlic Oil: 1%,2%,100:1 4.Odorless garlic oil

pickle garlic processing

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Pickled Garlic/Garlic in Brine

Pickled Garlic/Garlic in Brine 1. Size:250-650pcs/kg 2. 20%salty brine 3. packed in plastic drum

Pickled garlic In Brine(450-550pcs/kg)

1.Deformed cloves:3% max 2.Packing :50/150/180kgs drum 3.Prompt delivery 4.Ingredients:Garlic,Water, Salt, citric acid

fresh chinese pickled garlic

name :Garlic feature:1)diameter: 5.0cm-5.5cm 5.5cm-6.0cm 6.0cm-6.5cm 2)supply period:all the year .

Pickled garlic/ high quality garlic

Flavour rich, new crop, starlatine, fresh garlic, high quality garlic