color pigment paste

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Rubber Paste Resin HF-3000

HF-3000 Name: Rubber Paste Resin Appearance: milky paste Solid Content: 45+/-1% PH: 6.0-7.0 Ion: Anion Viscosity:5-10Pa.s

pigment paste color navy blue

1.pigment paste navy blue 2. various color with brilliance and brightness, 3.good fastness and chemical stability.

Thickener for pigment printing KDM-T10

1,thickener KDM-T10; 2,free of APEO; 3, strong thickening ability; 4,convenient paste preparation; 5,ISO9001:2000.

Textile Printing/pigment Printing Thickener

1.Strong resistance to electrolytes 2.factory textile printing 3.small dosage definition 5.High color paste stabl