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The Most Effective Dye and Pigment With Red Yellow Black Color Chemical Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide 1)Our Vidar supply Iron oxide series (red, yellow, black, brown, orange, green) 2)Used in Ceramic/Coating/Cosmetic

Low heavy mental iron oxide red yellow black pigment red7110

--good color consistence, strong tinting strength --full color range and grades for wide applications --on time delivery

pigment Iron oxide RED/YELLOW/BLACK

1. IRON OXIDE RED/YELLOW/BLACK 2.Pigment chemical materials 3.Strong coloring power, excellent coverage

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Cosmetic Chameleon Pearl Pigments , Nail Colors

1.Weather resistance. 2.Color changes by angles. 3.Variable colors in cosmetic chameleon pigment. 4.Free of heavy metal.

luminescent paint glow in the dark for gel nail polish

luminous pigment/glow in dark powder 1)extremely high brightness 2)long afterglow time ten hours 3)non-toxic and non-radiat

Pink 915101 Multi-colored ceramic organic Pigments

1) Foshan 2) Composition:Fe-Si-Zr 3) Fire temperature:1200-1300 4) MOQ:10KG 5) Free samples within:200g

Best quality iron oxide pigment

Iron Oxide Red/Black/Green/Orange/Blue/Brown/Yellow ISO9001:2008 CCIC/CIQ/BV/SGS inspection 20years factory , Free samples

Cosmetic Nail Varnish Pigment Powder

1.cosmetic nail pigment powder 2.Better luster,better quality 3.Natural mineral 4.Multicolor

photoluminescent paint for gel nail polish

luminous pigment/glow in dark powder 1)extremely high brightness 2)long afterglow time ten hours 3)non-toxic and non-radiat

basf pigment powder

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nail pigment powder

glow in dark pigment 1.Glowing duration>53-106hours. 2.Non-toxicicity,non-radioactivity 3.ROSH,EN71,ISO 4.50 years effective

PIGMENT BLUE 15 ultramarine blue nail mica powder

1)Pigment BLUE used for plastic and rubber 2)Mainly used in plastic and rubber

Toxic free nail pigment powder

1)13yrs Factory for Toxic free nail pigment powder 2)No MOQ 3)5MT/month 4)RoHS/EN71/DIN/ISO/BV 5)OEM/Customize acceptable...

High Quality Pigment Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow 53 color acrylic nail powders

C.I.Pigment Yellow 53 1.non-flammable. 2.non-corrosiveness. 3.non-explosion hazard. 4.Compliant to EU RoHs,EN71.3,US FDA

2012 Hot CAT EYE nail polish made by Sheenbow pigment powder

nail polish pigment 1.good heat resistance and solvent resistance 2.chemical stability 3.cosmetic color pigment


NAIL POWDER (PHOTOLUMINESCENT TYPE) yellow, yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, purple, red or the white light, and oth

phthalocyanine pigment powder

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Crystal rainbow pearlescent pigment natural organic nail polish

1.More bright, pure in color and hue 2.More pure, safe and bright, no radioactivity ,no heavy metal impurities 3.Glossy

Nail Polish Glitter Powder Pigment for decoration

glitter powder 1.1/128''(0.2mm) 2.Colors:Over 200 colors 3.Cerificate:MSDS,SGS,EN71-3 4.Non-toxic,Heat-resistance,Safe

3d color nail acrylic powder

1 Excellent color effect 2 High color stability 3 Good resistance to high temperature 4 Good dispersion 5 Quick color change

luminescent painting glow for gel nail polish

luminous pigment/glow in dark powder 1)extremely high brightness 2)long afterglow time ten hours 3)non-toxic and non-radiat

Pearlescent Pigment Powder For Cosmetic Grade Pearl Pigment,Nail Polish Pearl Powder

1.Cosmetic Pearl Pigments 2.Various colors for choice 3.Highly chemical resistance 4.Harmless to skin 4.Pearl Pigment

LGB bulk nail polish powder iron oxide red brown black purple yellow pigments

1.iron oxide red pigment nail 2.Quality and quantity assured 3.Light and weather resistance 4.Water and solvent resistance

competition powders nail

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pigment powder raw material for nail art

interference series Pearl Pigment Double color effect, safe, non-toxic, better coverage rate, bright widely application

color changing pearl pigment powder

The pigment color change at different direction, widely used in car paint, printing ink, nail polish, many items for choose,

3D nail polish pigment

1.3D nail polish pigment 2.various colors 3.3D effect 4.heat and solvent resistance,chemical stability

Factory Price of iron oxide pigments for nail polish

iron oxide pigments for nail polish Red/Yellow/Black/Green powder used in coating,rubber,paint factory price sample free

cosmetic grade Pearl Pigment pearlescent pigment used in lipstick eyeshadow nail polish

pearl powder pigment 1.high tinting strength 2.bright colors EN71 & RoSH standard building construction material

Cosmetic grade iron oxide pigments for nail polish on promtion

Cosmetic grade iron oxide pigments 1.Red/Yellow/Black/Green powder 2.for cement,concrete,coating,rubber,paint