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super spray adhesive

super spray adhesive ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive 401 instant adhesive glue super bond adhesive

spray adhesive (for soft furniture)

Gukangli spray adhesive is used for joining Foam to Foam, Foam to Wood, Eood to Wood, Paper to Wood and Foam to Fabric.

Sun Brand Super Spray Adhesive

Sun Brand Super Spray Adhesive 1.Phisical state:Viscous Liquid 2.Composition:Polyvinyl Acetate 3.Protective:colloidpolyvinyl

Polyurethane Adhesive (cold press)

Polyurethane adhesive,PU adhesive,PU glue,pu polyurethane adhesive,clear adhesive,liquid adhesive,cold press,easy operation.

Polyurethane adhesive (502W)

502W is a PU adhesive, it is used for production of shoe , carpet , handbag , and handicraft article . And PVC or PU can bond

Maydos Transparent Solvent Based Polyurethane PU Adhesive for Shoes(Rubber Solution)

Maydos Transparent Solvent Based Polyurethane PU Adhesive for Shoes Anti-skidding Low odor Strong bonding ISO14001&ISO9001

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NEW polyurethane foam product adhesive(manufacturer)

NEW polyurethane foam product adhesive(manufacturer) 1) General Use 2) Cost Effective 3) Value for money 4) B2 Fire Rating

insulating glass structural silicone sealant joint sealant polyurethane hot melt adhesive

double component silicone construction sealant for insulating glass polyurethane hot melt adhesive

adhesive for woodworking industrial with strong bonding wood glue

wood glue especially for hardwoods strong bonding, durability Drying fast, low-foaming Environmental friendly

Non woven adhesive interlining

Non woven adhesive interlining Component:100%polyurethane Structure:Nonwoven web With good bonding OEKO-TEX Standard 10

GUERQI 218 spray adhesive for sponge

1 SGS tested,invironmentally friendly 2 Suitable for sofa,mattress,furniture 3 OEM, sample 4 T/T L/C

SK 811 cold bonding adhesive, 1 kg/tin

cold bonding adhesive for conveyor belt jointing and splicing Efficient and safe operating For all kinds of conveyor

epoxy polyurethane adhesive

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Polyurethane Adhesives

For medium hardwoods good quality Fast drying Non foaming Environmental friendly

Solvent based Polyurethane Adhesive for shoe HN-858H(1)

polyurethane adhesive 2.For bonding of PVC, PU, TPR, leather 3.Non-yellowing, heat resistant 4.Good initial bonding strength

Polyurethane adhesive & sealant tube

Polyurethane adhesive sealant cartridge use to packing all kinds of adhesive and glue;with PP/PEnozzle top , with metal plunger

Polyurethane adhesive for windshield sealing

Polyurethane Sealant is Made with advanced technology, best formula and high quality ingredients, it is single-component with fe

famous brand polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive 1.Cold Bond Adhesive 2.double-ingredient adhesive 3.Flame-resistant 4.Easy to operate

Single component Polyurethane adhesive for running track-/court-invironmental protection

one component invironmental protection pu adhesive for paving applies to air permeability and compound running tracks and courts

polyurethane adhesives paper

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High flexibility Polyurethane adhesive for air filter--Manufacturer

ISO9001:2000 High flexibility Big tensile strength Capacity: 10 Tons per day Environmentally friendly products

300ml,400ml,600ml Sausage polyurethane adhesive

1.Used in a caulking gun 2.One-part,moisture,curable at room temperature 3.Free of solvent,no shrink,high bondstrength

TPUCO Polyurethane adhesive / Polyurethane adhesive

+Polyurethane adhesive / TPU Adhesive +Good adhesion to a variety of substrates +Excellent initial bonding strength +Polyest

windshield polyurethane adhesive/sealant R&A

R&A windshield adhesives is one component fast curing time with high modulus and high viscosity.

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto 1.Weight: 20kg/box 2.MOQ: 100kgs 3. SGS, ROHS 4.Application:auto

Double component hot melt polyurethane adhesive for eps

1.speed rate: 2 - 3.5 m/ min 2.1MT gule can be used for 9000 square metres 3.strong adhesive factor

polyurethane adhesive foam

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water based polyurethane adhesive

double component water based PU adhesive: 1.Organic solvent free 2.Odor elimination 3.High solid content 4.Non-flammable

polyurethane adhesive

we are specialize in pu adheisve/polyurethane adhesive/pu glue for shoes work.

Gorvia GS-Series Item-P303 CH black wholesale polyurethane adhesives

1.Construction use 2.High modulus 3.High viscosity 4.Shelf Life: 9 months

polyurethane adhesive/sealant

-FDA approved -Odourless -Low VOC -High Adhesion -Fast Drying -Mildew Resistant -High Temperature Durability

Polyurethane Adhesive for Vacuum Wrapping Press Machine

Polyurethane Adhesive 1. Vacuum covering wood board with PVC film 2. Using with spray gun 3. Super adhesion 4. One component

Polyurethane Adhesive for Windshield

1. Single part polyurethane sealant 2. High modulus & tensile strength 3. Weatherpoof & waterproof