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Hot Melt Glue For Diaper&Sanitary Napkin

Hot Melt Glue for diaper diaper 3.sanitary napkin 4.panty liner

Construction raw materials chemicals concrete expansion joints

1,Good elasticity concrete expansion joints 2.High/low temperature

Latest!Asphalt Pavement Crack Repair sealant

1.excellent adhesion. 2.flexibility under low temperature. 3.stability under high temperature.

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Car windscreen PU adhesives,polyurethane adhesive for glass window

1.Car windscreen PU adhesives,polyurethane adhesive for glass window2.Polyurethane adhesive3.MOQ 500units4.8MPa for primer

3901 Windshield Polyurethane Adhesive

Windshield Polyurethane Adhesive/sealantBond windshield for automobiles and engineering machineriesExcellent UV resistance

good viscosity manufacturer MS polymer windshield polyurethane adhesive sealant

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

2014 China polyurethane plastic liquid renewable foam adhesive

1. China polyurethane plastic liquid renewable foam adhesiveadhesive2.quality warranty3.quikly in force4.plenty of stock

polyurethane construction sealant polyurethane hot melt adhesive film

hot melt adhesive filmfor Textiles, polyester, cotton, blended fabric, lycra fabric, better product cloth, TPU, PVC,

adhesive flexible cheap reinforced waterproof polyurethane foam


epoxy polyurethane adhesive

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Quality Polyurethane Adhesive / Polyurethane Glue / Polyurethane Sealant

1. Flame retardant 2. Easy to apply 3. Excellent quality 4. Long life service

Polyurethane Adhesive for Dry Lamination PU 754

Polyurethane Adhesive , It can be applied to the lamination of different packing materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY,

two componen polyurethane adhesive for windshield

two componen polyurethane adhesive for windshield1.high modulus,fast need primer3.For windshield glazing4.OEM

Black Color Polyurethane Adhesive for Windshield

Polyurethane Adhesive for Windshield 1.Black color 2.Elongation:500% 3.Tensile Strength:7Mpa 4.Hardness:Shore 55A

Polyurethane adhesive & sealant tube

Polyurethane adhesive sealant cartridge use to packing all kinds of adhesive and glue;with PP/PEnozzle top , with metal plunger

Polyurethane Adhesive For Renewable Scrap Sponge and Foam

strong adhesive force for sponge rages, deep yellow viscous liquid, SGS certificate, Green product, non-toxic,speed adjustable

polyurethane adhesives paper

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One-component polyurethane adhesive

One-component polyurethane adhesive has excellent adhesion strength,weather resistance and water resistance.

fast curing primerless polyurethane adhesive sealant

windshield polyurethane adhesive sealant 1. car windscreen 2.primerless sealant fast curing 3.export 8 years

Foam Insulation Polyurethane Adhesive for Spray

1. CFC free2 750ml3 Factory directly sell 4 Competitive price,high quality5 Environmental-friendly material

Hot sale polyurethane adhesive for car glass bonding/car body spot welding adhesive

1. 6Mpa Polyurethane adhesive adhesive 2. Use in -40--80 degree 3. One part, similar with Sika 4. MSDS and ISO9001

polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane Adhesive bandage for formica, leather,rubber,metal,super strong, high quality.

polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane sealant 1.Material:polyurethane 2.pu sealant for carglass 3.Passed: SGS ISO/TS16949 4.PKS:CARTON

polyurethane adhesive foam

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Polyurethane adhesives(Strong bonding adhesive)

Strong bonding adhesive Species:(S/B) Solvent-based with toluene Appearance:Light yellow, viscous liquid Main Component:Chlor

TPUCO excellent textile bonding polyurethane adhesive

+Textile bonding polyurethane adhesive +Excellent textile bonding +High adhesion ability +Fast crystallization

Solvent based polyurethane adhesive for shoe HN-858H(1)

polyurethane adhesive 1.For bonding of PVC, PU, TPR, leather 2.Non-yellowing, heat resistant 3.Good initial bonding strength

famous brand polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive 1.Cold Bond Adhesive 2.double-ingredient adhesive 3.Flame-resistant 4.Easy to operate

polyurethane adhesive for PET box

1. High bonding strength 2. Good transparency and no bubble 3. Good property of temperature resistant and weather resistant

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto 1.Weight: 20kg/box 2.MOQ: 100kgs 3. SGS, ROHS 4.Application:auto