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two component polyurethane adhesive for oil filter factory

1.two component polyurethane adhesive 2.high quality and good sealing 3.low cost 4.attend the auto exhibition

high quality two component polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane spray pu foam 1. High foaming speed 2. No shrinkage after cured 3.Predominantly Closed cell structural 4.OEM

epoxy polyurethane adhesive

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Polyurethane Adhesive for Dry Lamination PU 754

Polyurethane Adhesive , It can be applied to the lamination of different packing materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY,

Polyurethane Adhesive for pannel

Polyurethane Adhesive for pannel 1.Ureking Adhesive for glass wool & honey comb(one-component type) 2.Made in korea

Polyurethane adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive cushioning capability safety&environmental friendly even color Inoffensive

PolyUrethane Reactive Hot-Melt Adhesive

PUR adhesive does not contain water and solvents, solid content 100%, is a high performance environment-friendly adhesives

Transparent and rigid polyurethane doming adhesive

1) Transparent and rigid polyurethane doming adhesive 2) UV/weather resistance, non yellowing 3) low viscosity potting coating

polyurethane adhesives paper

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Wet Cured Polyurethane Adhesive

This product is single-component and wet cured polyurethane adhesive.

Kitchen Waterproof heat resistant polyurethane tile adhesive

1.Easy operation and eco-friendly 2.strong adhesion 3.Contain waterproof function

anti-corrosive polyurethane adhesive for food packaging

1.anti-corrosive,anti-medium 2.steaming grade 3.for laminating structural plastic/plastic ,and AL foil/plastic

Clear flexible doming epoxy PU polyurethane resin AB glue adhesive for stickers/promotional items/graphics

Clear flexible doming epoxy PU polyurethane resin AB glue adhesive for stickers/promotional items/graphics

polyurethane adhesive foam

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Black Two Conponent Rubber Conveyor Belt Repair polyurethane Adhesive

1.Rubber Conveyor Belt Repair Adhesive. 2.Fast cures. 3.Bond worn fabric enforced rubber conveyor belt. 4.Good flexibility.

pu adhesive/polyurethane adhesive

1) 100% High Quality pu adhesive. 2) Bonding a wide variety of materials. 3) On time delivery. 4) Reasonable price.

2060 Two Component Polyurethane Adhesive

Excellent abrasion resistance Excellent low temperature flexibility High mechanical robustness Good recovery performance