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two-component spray polyurethane foam insulation

polyurethane foam material 1. No Freon, No Benzene, Green & pollution-free 2. Wide range of application -50~250degree

spray insulation contractors polyurethane foam cost

1. Non-toxic and odor 2. environment-friendly. 3. High modulus & tensile strength 4. Outstanding durability

Polyurethane Insulation Foam Spray Cleaner (SGS,BV,TUV)

PU Foam Cleaner/ Expanding Foam Cleaner digest and remove uncured pu foam No pungent smell, pleasant aromatic odor

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Sepuna 310ml black high quality windshield polyurethane adhesive PU8610

windscreen pu adhesive 1.easy application 2.good adhesive,wide uasge 3.factory price, high quality delivery

dap premium polyurethane adhesive sealant

dap premium polyurethane adhesive sealant 1.Excellent extrudability 2.Flexible,durable 3. Fast curing time

Polyurethane pu adhesive for OSB sandwich panel board

Features: 1.speed rate: 2 - 3.5 m/ min 2.1MT gule can be used for 9000 square metres 3.strong adhesive factor 4.usage:1:1.25

China supplier good adhesion polyurethane sealant

wetherproof construction sealants silicone 1.100% RTV silicone sealant 2.Strong adhesion and fast dry 3.Weatherproof 4.OEM

china supplier excellent adhesion polyurethane

1. Anti-mildew 2. RTV silicone 3. OEM: ok 4. insulating glass weathering resistant; 5. Weatherproof neutral silicone sealant

epoxy polyurethane adhesive

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stong adhesive long tack polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive excellent bonding strength on various substrates used in the footwear industry

Polyurethane adhesive & sealant tube

Polyurethane adhesive sealant cartridge use to packing all kinds of adhesive and glue;with PP/PEnozzle top , with metal plunger

moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for wood

moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for wood: Usage convenience excellent viscosity quickly positioning

Polyurethane Adhesive For Renewable Scrap Sponge and Foam

strong adhesive force for sponge rages, deep yellow viscous liquid, SGS certificate, Green product, non-toxic,speed adjustable

dual component polyurethane adhesive for air filter manufacturer

1.Two component adhesive 2.Best for filter 3.Safety and save cost 4.Attend auto exhibition 5.The color as your request

polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane Adhesive bandage for formica, leather,rubber,metal,super strong, high quality.

polyurethane adhesives paper

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Foam Insulation Polyurethane Adhesive for Spray

1. CFC free 2 750ml 3 Factory directly sell 4 Competitive price,high quality 5 Environmental-friendly material

famous brand polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive 1.Cold Bond Adhesive 2.double-ingredient adhesive 3.Flame-resistant 4.Easy to operate

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto

2013 polyurethane adhesive for auto 1.Weight: 20kg/box 2.MOQ: 100kgs 3. SGS, ROHS 4.Application:auto

TPUCO Polyurethane adhesive / Polyurethane adhesive

+Polyurethane adhesive +Good adhesion to a variety of substrates +Excellent initial bonding strength +Made in Taiwan

polyurethane adhesive for PET box

1. High bonding strength 2. Good transparency and no bubble 3. Good property of temperature resistant and weather resistant

Polyurethane adhesive for windshield sealing

Polyurethane Sealant is Made with advanced technology, best formula and high quality ingredients, it is single-component with fe

polyurethane adhesive foam

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Manufacturing Polyurethane Adhesive Used for Air Filter Bonding Sealing EB-500/501

Name: Hot Melt CAS NO.: 681 32-00-3 EINECS NO.: 244-360-9 Usage: Used for all kinds of Air Filter Bonding, Sealing

new style polyurethane adhesive with 12pcs per card, bond with 3-5 seonds

1)polyurethane adhesive 2)Certification:ISO9001 3)Quick to bonding 4)Good quantity with competitive price

water based polyurethane adhesive

double component water based PU adhesive: 1.Organic solvent free 2.Odor elimination 3.High solid content 4.Non-flammable

HMP-1207 Waterbase Polyurethane Adhesive

HMP-1207 Waterbase Polyurethane Adhesive 1. Excellent flexility 2. High hardness 3. Non yellowing-changing property

HPMC/MHPC two component polyurethane adhesive

1.HPMC two component polyurethane adhesive 2.Appearance:White powder or granule 3.pH Value:4.0-8.0 4.MOQ:2tons 5.HPMC/MHPC

Single component Polyurethane adhesive for running track-/court-invironmental protection

one component invironmental protection pu adhesive for paving applies to air permeability and compound running tracks and courts