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adhesive for woodworking industrial with strong bonding two component polyurethane adhesive

assembly glue especially for hardwoods strong bonding, durability Drying fast, low-foaming Environmental friendly

Two Component Wood Splice Adhesive

Two Component Wood Splice Adhesive a.Good initial adhesion b. High viscosity c. Weather resistant

epoxy polyurethane adhesive

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moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for wood

moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for wood: Usage convenience excellent viscosity quickly positioning

Quality Polyurethane Adhesive / Polyurethane Glue / Polyurethane Sealant

1. Flame retardant 2. Easy to apply 3. Excellent quality 4. Long life service

polyurethane adhesive for floor

Good water and chemistry resistance both in indoors and outdoors. Extra sound absorption and sound insulation function.

Single component polyurethane adhesive for MGO board sandwich panel

1.single component system 2.speed rate: 2 - 3.5m/min 3.One ton gule can cover 9000 square meters 4.strong adhesive factor

stong adhesive long tack polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive excellent bonding strength on various substrates used in the footwear industry

polyurethane adhesives paper

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ISO18001 certified waterproof polyurethane adhesive

1,waterproof polyurethane adhesive 2,strongly stick to most traditional building materials.

one component polyurethane adhesive for construction joints

polyurethane adhesive 1.Construction joints sealing 2.Anti-fungus high adhesion 3.Concrete sealing caulking component.

thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive

A.thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive B.Good bond strength C.Good toughness D.Usage:seamless zipper,pockets,leather laminate

J301 two component polyurethane adhesive for sandwich panel using

J301two component polyurethane adhesive, PU adhersive: two component polyurethane adhesive Fast dry Strong adhesion

polyurethane adhesive without benzene-toluene-xylene

PU polyurethane adhesive, benzene-free PU adhesive, PU adhesive, PU glue, clear adhesive, liquid adhesive for shoes assemble

10kg packing high quality multi purpose ceramic tile polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive: 1. Environment-friendly&non-harmful 2. Easy application 3. Excellent adhesion

polyurethane adhesive foam

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Polyurethane Adhesives/PU Sealants

Polyurethane Adhesives/PU Sealants Excellent adhesive force Durable elastic sealing performance High tear strength

Black Color Polyurethane Adhesive for Windshield

Polyurethane Adhesive for Windshield 1.Black color 2.Elongation:500% 3.Tensile Strength:7Mpa 4.Hardness:Shore 55A

Polyurethane adhesive

Polyurethane Adhesive for installation on site to pave the sports ground. Pale yellow to transparent liquid.

water based polyurethane adhesive for shoes

water based polyurethane adhesive for shoes is for PVC/Rubber/Leather/EVA/P / TPR /Fabric

Polyurethane Adhesive for pannel

Polyurethane Adhesive for pannel 1.Ureking Adhesive for glass wool & honey comb(one-component type) 2.Made in korea