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Stone Materials Silicone Sealant

Special used for the caulking of marble and other stone material panels.

300MLGORVIA Car Windscreen Sealant/car window glue

car window glue 1.Middle range 2.Windshield glazing 3.High viscosity 4.Shelf Life: 9 months

high quality car PU windshield sealant

Car PU windshield sealant 1.Fabulous thixotropy 2.Rapid curing 3.Fabulous thixotropy

Factory supplyer auto poly urethane sealant, excellent adhesion for windshield

poly urethane 1.easy to use 2.high flexibility, oil resistance 3 excellent adhesion 4 factory price


GNS PU565 WINDSHELD PU SEALANT 1.High strength 2.High viscosity 3.Fast curing 4.Suitable in bonding the windshield