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High Quality ABACUS Frozen Pork Ribs

1. Type: Pork Ribs 2. Style: Frozen 3. Origin: United Kingdom 4. Part: Bone 5. Product Type: Pork Loin Back Ribs


Chicken and chicken parts

Quality Abacus Foods BQF Frozen Chicken Backs

1. Type: Frozen Chicken Backs 2. Packaging: Box 3. Part: Body 4. Certification: HACCP, ISO, BRC 5. Freezing Process: BQF

Frozen Halal Whole Chicken

Our Chicken Leq Quarters are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to islamic requirements.

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Loretta Instant Mac 'n Cheese Cups

Loretta Instant Mac 'n Cheese Cups. Tastee-Mac Deluxe. Microwavable Dinner. Ready in 3.5 minutes; just add water.

Pineapple Puree

Contains: Bromelain and Vitamin C, Calcium, Maganese, Potassium and Dietary Fiber.



Dry Noodle Meals

We custom supply a variety of flavors and packing per request

Newly Displayed pork ribs

Ribs/Pork cutting machine

Ribs/Pork cutting machine Ribs cutting machine cut ribs machine stainless steel

Hot Products in Pork

Frozen Pork Carcass and Cuts

We are one of the leading processors, exporters and wholesalers of Frozen Meat Products

Pig feet in brine

short cut pig feet in brine Pig knees in brine other pork and beef products in brine

frozen pork front feet,pork hind and pork belly

frozen pork front feet,pork hind and pork belly Packing: 1 Polly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per cartoon. Or Customized

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