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portable gas detector

LCD display, real-time display of gas density Import gas sensor, high precision, high reliability Rapid response

2014 newest portable ammonia gas detector

1 microprocessor control 2 automatic reset technique 3 The high stability of the sensor 4 Function of automatic detection of

Portable Multi Gas Detector from Yi Mei machinery

1.Accurate acousto-optic alarm, 2. large screen display, 3. simple operation, 4.with intelligent sensor.

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Factory sell CH4 detector alarm portable flammable methane gas detector

CH4 Methane Gas Detector1.High sensitivity and accuracy;2.Ex(ia) IICT3,CE certificate;3.Detect methane and alarm

Portable Ethyne C2H2 Gas Analyzer For Industrial Use

1.Smart, light, compact, easy to carry 2.IP66 design for water- dust proof 3.Low, high alarm limit, TWA and STEL adjustable

Portable Infrared 0~100% vol methane CH4 Gas Detector Analyzer

PGas-32 Infrared portable analyzer1.Able to detect 0~100% vol methane Gas 2.OLED screen3. Long lifeterm over 10 years

Portable CH4 biogas plant with internal sampling pump

Portable biogas plant1. Employing original imported sensor2. Optional data storage function3. Internal sampling pump

Portable 0-100%LEL CH4 biogas plant for industry use

Portable biogas plant1. Unit PPM, mg/m3 can be shifted quicky2. Optional data storage function3. Strong alligator clip

be pumps portable

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economical battery operated portable methane detector

portable methane detector 1)OEM factory 2)Cost effective 3)Samples in Stock 4)Easy operati

GJC4 Portable methane detector

1.According to methane concentrations 2.Transfinite acoustooptic alarm 3.Power off function

JCB4 portable methane detector

intelligent methane gas alarm ,explosion proof, sound and light alarm, voltage display, low voltage alarm, automatic zero follow

Portable Methane detector with high sensitivity

Portable VOC gas monitor equipped with PID sensor ISO 9001:2000 certificate Diffusion or pump suction sampling method

Concox portable methane detector/ siren home alarm GM02N security 2014 with PIR sensor/ home alarm with sim card

security 2014 1.Plug and play 2.Android & IOS APP 3.Two way communication 4.GSM quad band

Portable methane detector alarm

1.Conform to EN50194 2.DC 2x3V battery 3.Low battery voltage alarm 4.L-alarm:20% LEL H-alarm:50% LEL 5.Sound>85DB at 1M

handheld methane detector

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portable methane detector battery operated

portable methane detector battery operated original imported sensor with good quality LCD dot matrix display easy to carry

PGAS-21 0-100% LEL Portable Gas Detector CH4 Methane

PGAS-21 0-100% LEL Portable Gas Detector CH4 Methane 1.100x60x30mm 2.105g 3.catalytic combustion 4.0.1ppm

Portable Methane Gas detector

*110V/220V+9V battery back up * Power, Fault and Alarm Indictor * Natural, LPG gas leak detector alarm * CE, EN50194 approved

Portable methane gas detector factory offer RCG410

*suitable for LPG,city gas from Pipe system, methane gas *test button *ceiling mounted detector *alarm, power indicator

hand held portable methane gas detector

first alert smoke and co alar 1.Low consumption 2.CE and ROHS approved 3.Long usage life 4.High quality,good price

Portable combustible methane gas detector with external probe

handheld,easy to operate. Highly reliable and accurate. High power efficient. Durable, reliable and Cost-effective. pump

methane detector portable

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portable methane gas detectors for home use

portable methane gas detectors for home use 1. Suit for residential house, hotels, etc 2. Detect leakage of combustible gas

Newest upgrade portable gas detector methane gas detector

Home Alarm Leaking Gas Alarm 1.Celling mounted 2.Auto reset after alarm 3.MCU process high stable 4.CE

Portable methane gas detector /Gas analyzer price

portable methane gas detector continuous automatic quick test CO2,CO,CH4,NH3,NOX,SO2,SF6, hydrocarbons and so on

portable methane gas detector With electromagnetic value or exhaust fan

low battery warning Memory recall function Automatic self-check Test/reset butto

Home portable detect LPG & LNG gas portable methane gas detector with self test function

portable methane gas detector 1. Hot wire type sensor 2. 220/110 V AC power source 3. Self test function 4. 85dB alarm mode

portable methane gas detector

1 microprocessor control 2 automatic reset technique 3 The high stability of the sensor 4 Function of automatic detection of