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Home Air Cleaner particle remover

1. Room air purifier HEPA-type, true HEPA 2. Ionizer 3. UVC lamp 4. Active carbon pre-filter 5. TiO2 removes odors

Portable hydraulic oil purifier equipment, vacuum design,dual water and particulate removal,no pollution

Portable hydraulic oil purifier equipment 1.separate water,gas, particles 2.high capacity pollution 4.easy to use

Air Purifiers For Smoke and Odour Removal

room air purifier with fragrance suitable for all nations, mainly European noise level: lower than 40db Fully CE

YL Portable Type High Precision Oil Filtration & Oil Filling Machine ( Small, Simple, Cheap)

Portable Type Oil Filtration & Oil Filling Machine 1 Replacement for pressurised filtering machine 2 Can be 1-5 stages filter

excellent particles removing

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Allparticles removing portable oil recycling machine

20% power consumption; Low temperature distillation; restore gold color of waste oil

Portable Oil Purifier / removing large quantity of impurities & particles quickly

this machine is an ideal substitute of the board-frame oil purifier and the centrifugal oil purifier.

Great portable central dust collect

Great portable central dust collect 1.Low resistance 2.Large filter area 3.Long life 4.High qual

portable 3 outlet tap water filter/ filtro de agua

different configuration/portable,it is convenient/different outlet/apply for kinds faucet/replaceable

portable gynecologic operating room table

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KJFZ-300 Air Purifier remove Inhaleble Particles

1.4 layer filtering system 2.Air pollution index detection and Automatic startup 3.High Purification Efficiency,Energy Saving.

SAF high efficiency replacement HEPA filter for removing bacteria

HEPA filter for removing bacteria A) HEPA filter paper can filter various dust particles B) Low resistance C) portable

Mfresh 6334E industrial portable hepa air cleaner

block the air larger particles Remove 99.99% of airborne allergens and bacteria Remove the air of odors and harmful gases

YL Portable oil Filtration Plant for remove particles from waste hydraulic oil

1. portable oil filtration machine 2.remove impurities and particles quickly and thoroughtly 3.easy operation