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Air Purifiers For Smoke and Odour Removal

room air purifier with fragrance suitable for all nations, mainly European noise level: lower than 40db Fully CE

YL Portable Type High Precision Oil Filtration & Oil Filling Machine ( Small, Simple, Cheap)

Portable Type Oil Filtration & Oil Filling Machine 1 Replacement for pressurised filtering machine 2 Can be 1-5 stages filter

2080102041 portable air filter automotive

1.High Quality good price air filter can efficient filtration 2.Good air filter each product individually tested 3.ISO&TS

excellent particles removing

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SAF high efficiency replacement HEPA filter for removing bacteria

HEPA filter for removing bacteria A) HEPA filter paper can filter various dust particles B) Low resistance C) portable

KXZ Quality Products Portable Black Die Oil Rebuild for Removing Particles

1. Black Oil To New! 2. Get Original Color! 3. Purely Physical Process! 4. No Consumable Filter! 5. Invest Return in 15days!

Spoon shape portable face beauty facial massager

1.Massage face with germanium particles 2.Promote leg blood circulation 3.Activate skin cells metabolism...

Great portable compressed air filter non-woven filter

Great portable compressed air filter non-woven filter 1.Low resistance 2.Large filter area 3.Long life 4.High qual

portable gynecologic operating room table

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Hot!!!Portable Diamond Dermabrasion (Fade tattoo & remove aged surface skin)

Diamond Dermabrasion 1.Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine 2.rub off the top skin layer 3.vacuuming out the particles

2014 hot sales new mini portable ozone Air Purifier for indoor and home

Unique electrostatic ionization technology for negative ions, which absorb tiny dust particles in the air, remove formaldehyde.

KJFZ-300 Air Purifier with High Inhaleble Particles Purification Efficiency

1.4 layer filtering system 2.Air pollution index detection and Automatic startup 3.High Purification Efficiency,Energy Saving.