potting silicone rubber pouring sealant

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Professional camper trailer off road pouring sealant Manufacturer with 31 Years Experience

camping trailer with kitchen certification:ISO9001:2008 ODM/OEM material:steel or aluminum

Kafuter LED K-5312T Silicone Pouring Sealant

pouring sealant 1.viscous liquid 2.potting in deep-section 6mm-2cm 3.good transparency,waterproof 4.22KG

pouring sealant/30w/mk adhesive glue

pouring sealant 1.Good thermal conductivity 2.resistance displacement 3.Strong stickiness 4.soft &little shrinkage

water proof Two Component Electronic Silicone pouring Filling Sealant

,1,Excellent adhesion to all kinds of glass 2,Neutral cured, no corrosion, non poisonous 3,High temperature

Shockproof Thermal Conductive Pouring Sealant for Components

1.fast tack-free & lower volatility 2.lower viscosity,excellent liquidity 3.Waterproof silicone encapsulat 4.flame-retardant

Transparent heat transfer thermal compound Silicone Pouring Sealant

Transparent heat transfer thermal compound Silicone Pouring Sealant

heat conductive pouring sealant

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2014 hot sell camper trailer off road pouring sealant,china manufacturer with oem service

Camper trailer with tent Stainless steel304/316,aluminum OEM/ODM service supply outdoor equipment as your choice design team

epoxy resin concrete repair pouring adhesive sealants

pouring crack adhesive is a two-component modified epoxy resin adhesive Very strong penetration Anti-aging, water and acid

Pouring sealant of thermal conductivity use in LED light

RoHS and UL compliance Fast curing Moistureproof performance is excellent Excellent weathering properties No corrosion

ES hot sell thermal silicone conductive pouring sealant

1.Best manufacturer on silicone goods over 12 yeas. 2.The high quality with best service,cheap price.

silicone pouring sealant

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Liquid PU pouring sealant for runway seal/runway rubber removal sealant

1. Construction potting seal 2. Use in -40--80 degree 3. One part, similar with Sika 4. MSDS and ISO9001

Liquid PU pouring sealant for runway seal&granite counter sealant for run trail & plastic run trail packing bag

smell proof ziplock aluminium foil bag&aluminium moisture barrier bag 1.Wide product range of choice 2.Delivery on time

RTV LED Electronic Pouring Sealant

RTV LED Electronic Pouring Sealant two-component adhesive and sealant to electronic fittings with insulation performance....