heat conductive pouring sealant

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Two component polyurethane pouring sealant for circuit board

This product is of polyurethane series packaging materials, excellent electrical performance.

one-component silicone waterproof pouring sealant OPT5569R

silicone sealant high quality, excellent bonding strenght, good performance of cold, heat weather resistance.

One component, fast curing, semi-fluid gray thermal conductive RTV silicone pouring sealant

thermal conductive RTV silicone pouring sealant 1) Thermal conductivity coefficient 1.25W / (m * K) 2) Flame-retardant

Plant Direct Supply Professional OEM Available Silicone Pouring Sealant

Silicone Pouring Sealant * Wide Price Level * Acetate & Neutral Silicone Sealant * Short Leading Time