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LOW PRICE PC POWER SUPPLY 350W,ATX switch power supply

ATX switch power supply 1)1U server power supply 2)7A,115Vac 60Hz;4A,230Vac 50Hz 3)output 360W peak power 4)high effician

electrochemical polishing switch power supply

electrochemical polishing Switch power supply 2. IGBT control 3. Electrolytic polishing 4. Eectrolytic sewage treatment

low voltage power supplies with timers

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Switching mode cadmium plating power supply with timer and compact design air cooling

This cadmium plating power supply is : 1.switching mode 2.with timer and compact design 3.air cooling 4.for cadmium

high frequency switch power supply with timer Easy Opening Cabinet Door lower import duty

power factor higher than 0.93 efficiency higher than 90% lead time 30 days

power supply with timer

1>power supply with timer 2>IGBT module 3>rectifier with PWM 4>CE approved 5>Efficien