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1. Warranty: 18months 2. LED display 3. Similar to 9820 hot solid ink roller marker

MY-380 Solid ink printers

1/leading manufacturer 2/higher quality with stronger technology 3/low cost

hot solid ink roller

1. Inner diameter: 12mm 2. Temperature range 90-160 Degree Celsius

printing ink roller mill

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Customized best selling magnetic printing ink roller

magnetic printing ink roller 1. High stability 2. Low price and high quality 4.100% warranty

Gravure Printing Ink Stirring Roller with Isolated Rings

1. Ink Stirring Roller 2.Prevent the surface of ink skinning 3.Eliminate the bubble in the ink 4.Any length Customized

hot solid ink printing ink roller

1. Inner diameter: 12mm 2. Temperature range 90-160 Degree Celsius

Printing Ink Roller

DKW639 Printing Ink roller (hot ink roller,printer roller) DK series ink roll are suitable to install on any ink roll coder

Roto Printing Machine Ink Roller

Spec: 1 Tension testing system. 2 High-sensitivity tension closed loop control system. 3 120 m/min

package printing ink rollers

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hot stamping foil ink round, offset print ink rollers,gold-silver offset printing ink can use for paper,plastic film,pvc film,pet film,etc. 2.Print clearly, good adhesion,good 3. china manufacture ,alibaba

printing ink roller

We are a manufacture,bound to be more professional.

Ink roller printing continuous sealing machine for plastic bag/film

Seal plastic bag/film in all sizes, it can print colour date printing while sealing the bag, with a digital counter,new model

MO printing ink roller support

MO printing ink roller support 1.various heidelberg support 2.good quality 3.competitive price

colour printing inks

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black 35*30 printing machine ink roller

1/best quality 2/stronger technology 3/delivey shorter time 4/lower costs

Weclome Customized High Quality Printing Machine Ink Roller

printing machine ink roller *) Roller is for machine * Material : Rubber *) Size :Based on Client's request Welcome OEM

hot black ink roller, continuous Band Sealer coding machine ink roller, date printing ink roller

Hot ink roller is used to print Batch Number Expiry date on Packaging bags on Food or Medical, match with coding machine etc.