animal feed supplements

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Animal Feed Probiotic Supplement for Ruminants /Cows /Sheep

SUKAFeed R.Gain is Special Bacteria for Ruminants,such as Cow,Sheep 1.Appearance:brown powder 2.Odor:light fermentation odor

Minerals and Probiotic feed supplement for horse livestock

Mineral Feed Supplement Fortified with Probiotic 1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time.

Probiotic Feed Supplement for Broilers

Stimulates and maintains the healthy gut microbial population under challenging environmental conditions. Increased resistance

Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements

Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements 1.high quality 2.efficient 3. Prompt delivery 4.GMP certification

bacillus probiotic

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Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement 1.Appearance: brown powder 2.Colony count: 2 billion CFU/g

Shrimp feed additive/probiotics/natural feed supplement/ improve great growth of shrimps

1.Reduce organic carbon load 2.toxic gases 3.Control toxicity due to heavy metals 4.Improve DO level 5.Maintains water quality

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement

SUKAFeed B.SUB is a multi-functional probiotic bacterial supplement for animal feed

Gro2Max Poultry Probiotic Supplement

Effective, natural blend of five probiotic microbial strains in powder form; supports digestive health, immunity & growth.

energy feeds supplements

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Feed Supplements

We manufacture a range of feed additives ; feed acidifiers, enzymes, toxin binders, Liver and vitamin supplements, probiotics.

Complete nutrient and mineral feed supplement for fish

QUALIMIN-S is specially formulated for fish culture with 21 minerals, herbs, liver proteins and probiotics


Feed additives Premix of vitamins,minerals,aminoacids, probiotics,enzymes& antibiotics Electorlyte supplement