bacillus probiotic

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Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements

Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements 1.high quality 2.efficient 3. Prompt delivery 4.GMP certification

Animal Feed Probiotic Supplement for Ruminants /Cows /Sheep

SUKAFeed R.Gain is Special Bacteria for Ruminants,such as Cow,Sheep 1.Appearance:brown powder 2.Odor:light fermentation odor

Probiotic Feed Supplement for Broilers

Stimulates and maintains the healthy gut microbial population under challenging environmental conditions. Increased resistance

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement 1.Appearance: brown powder 2.Colony count: 2 billion CFU/g

PROLACT - P: Premium probiotic feed supplement for healthy birds (POULTRY)

Prolact-P is used along with water/ feed for the healthy growth of Chicks, Growers, Layers, Broilers, Breeders

energy feeds supplements

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LAYOPOL AND BROPOL Poultry Feed supplements.

Layopol&Bropol stimulate the immunity of the broilers/layers it has a beneficial effect on Layer/broiler performance

Feed Supplements

We manufacture a range of feed additives ; feed acidifiers, enzymes, toxin binders, Liver and vitamin supplements, probiotics.

Gro2Max Poultry Probiotic Supplement

Effective, natural blend of five probiotic microbial strains in powder form; supports digestive health, immunity & growth.