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Soya Lecithin Oil (Poultry Feed Grade)

Ours is an lecithin manufacturing unit, having an are of technology plant at indore madhya pradesh h

feed grade fish meal 65% for poultry feed

high protein promote growth enhance health best price and best quality

animal feed supplements

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Probiotic Feed Supplement for Broilers

Stimulates and maintains the healthy gut microbial population under challenging environmental conditions. Increased resistance

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement 1.Appearance: brown powder 2.Colony count: 2 billion CFU/g

Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements

Herbal Natural Probiotics Poultry Feed Supplements 1.high quality 2.efficient 3. Prompt delivery 4.GMP certification

Minerals and Probiotic feed supplement for horse livestock

Mineral Feed Supplement Fortified with Probiotic 1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time.

bacillus probiotic

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Shrimp feed additive/probiotics/natural feed supplement/ improve great growth of shrimps

1.Reduce organic carbon load 2.toxic gases 3.Control toxicity due to heavy metals 4.Improve DO level 5.Maintains water quality

Multi-Purpose Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement

SUKAFeed B.SUB is a multi-functional probiotic bacterial supplement for animal feed

Feed Supplements

We manufacture a range of feed additives ; feed acidifiers, enzymes, toxin binders, Liver and vitamin supplements, probiotics.

LAYOPOL AND BROPOL Poultry Feed supplements.

Layopol&Bropol stimulate the immunity of the broilers/layers it has a beneficial effect on Layer/broiler performance

Complete nutrient and mineral feed supplement for fish

QUALIMIN-S is specially formulated for fish culture with 21 minerals, herbs, liver proteins and probiotics

High quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Organic Pet, Livestocks and Poultry Feed Supplement

Food grade Diatomaceous earth Animal probiotic feed additive SiO2 purity min.87% CAS No.61790-53-2 Approved by CIAC

energy feeds supplements

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Natural Probiotics Health Supplements for Poultry Manufacturer with best quality

Name: Probiotics; Appearance: White powder; Specification: 3 x 1010 CFU/g; Application: Dietary supplements/Food additives.

Adding-enzyme probiotic supplements

Adding-enzyme probiotic 1Enzyme activity 1280u/g 2.Reducing the density of ammonia. 2.Improving quality of meat, egg.

PROLACT - P: Premium probiotic feed supplement for healthy birds (POULTRY)

Prolact-P is used along with water/ feed for the healthy growth of Chicks, Growers, Layers, Broilers, Breeders