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Environmentally friendly PU sealant for HEPA filter

Leaktight Sealant Good flexibility NO-biological growth Environmentally friendly

pu sealant

Specification: pu sealant 1. Material: Polyurethane 2. Packing Size: 310ml,400ml,600ml

pu sealant suppliers & wholesalers expendable

pu sealant suppliers & wholesalers expendable 1) German Quality 2) Stronger After Cure 3) No Crack and Shrinkage

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Primer less Auto Windshield PU Sealant PU8611

Primer less Auto Windshield PU Sealant PU86111.supplier for VW, VOLVO, COMMINS;2.High tensile strength

Sealant (Tremco)

Silicone, PU, Acrylic & Hybrid Sealants, Sealing Tapes, Membranes,Deck Coating & Waterproofing Systems, Passive Fire Protection

urethane sealant

polyurethane sealant 1.Material:polyurethane 2.pu sealant for car 3.Passed: SGS ISO 4.PKS:CARTON

Muti-purpose Polyurethane Soundproofing PU Foam sealant SP1900-1

Muti-purpose Polyurethane PU Foam sealant1.High insulating value-saves energy and money2.cracks and holes sealing

car window sealant

car window sealant1. Factory Outlets2. Over 30 years experience3. Free sample4. PU window sealant


Single component polyurethane sealant

pu sealant for wood

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pu sealant for wood floor

pu sealant for wood floor is specially designed for direct elastic bonding of wood floors.

JOINFLEX 128 Container PU Sealant

1. Single part polyurethane sealant 2. High modulus & tensile strength 3. Weatherpoof & waterproof

FD 999 PU Sealant

1,PU Sealant Professional Factory. 2,One -component,moisture-curable,polyurethane-based,elasto-meric adhesive sealant 3,OEM

Automotive industry car window repair pu sealant for windshield

Automotive industry car window repair pu sealant for windshield 1. Non-toxic and odor 2. Environment-friendly. 3. Low modulus

Polyurethane adhesive pu sealant for windshield

Polyurethane adhesive pu sealant for windshield 1. Aproved by TUV ISO 2. Excellent short tack-free 3. Outstanding adhesion

PU/POLYURETHANE SILICONE SEALANT/ pu sealant for windshield/ splendor polyurethane sealant for different materials

packing:310ml, 20pcs/ctn multi-purpose pu sealant adhesive for different use inner or outer sealing best quality pu sealant

pu sealant with primer

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automobile windscreen pu sealant

automobile windscreen pu sealant is a kind of high-powered, elastic after cured well-sealed one-component...

High bonding performance PUR textile lamination PU sealant

+Textile lamination PU sealant +PUR PU sealant +Solid content: 100% +Water repellent +Eco-friendly

One Component PU Foam Aerosol Spray PU Sealant

1.CFC free 2.Environmental-friendly material 3. 750ml 500ml 300ml 4.Competitive price,high quality 5. Factory directly sell

primerless pu sealant for auto glass

urethane sealant 1. Sealing windshield, windscreen, autoglass 2. Elastic one component urethane sealant 3. CE ISO ROSH

Jorle pu sealant for windscreen

pu sealant for windscreen have good adhesive sealing performance.

PU SEALANT / Windscreen -black color

PU SEALANT / Windscreen 1.Excellent extrudability 2.Flexible,durable 3. Fast curing time

black pu sealant

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500ml best Quality windows pu sealant

500ml best Quality windows pu sealant 1.polyurethane 2.champagne color 3.12months shelf

PU Sealant

ABC Premium 900 PU Sealant is an one part polyurethane sealant.

PU SEALANT / Windscreen

1.single component adhesive sealant 2.surface dry time depend on the temperture and humidity 3.primerless

pu foam pu sealant 600ml

pu sealant 600ml manufacturer 750ml, 600ml, 500ml Fire-retardant, heat-insulation big bubble volume

PU sealant temperature curing adhesive corrosion and good ageing 3good waterproofness 4.factory price

Expansion Foam PU Sealant

Construction polyurethane spray foam in 750ml ,300ml, 500ml etc filling and sealing of gaps,joints,holes etc