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Durable jorle pu sealant for LED

Durable jorle pu sealant for LED 1.Avoid moisture,dirt andother atmospheric composition 2.Pass RoHS,SGS,ULcertificates

Structural PU Sealant ( pu sellador de estructura)

Easy application Good elasticity and restoration Good durability

high quality pu sealant

Pu Sealant 1.Fast curing high adhesive 2.Primerless windshield sealant 3 we are factory 4.SGS CE PONY

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PU, POLYURETHANE SILICONE SEALANT, pu sealant with good raw material, pu sealant for car

packing:310ml, 20pcs/ctn multi-purpose pu sealant adhesive for different use inner or outer sealing best quality pu sealant

Expansion Foam PU Sealant

Construction polyurethane spray foam in 750ml ,300ml, 500ml etc filling and sealing of gaps,joints,holes etc

Black PU sealant for car windshield

Black PU sealant for car windshield 1. Fast cure foam sealant 2. 2.Strong initial strength, tensile strength

white expanding foam sealant / joint mixture, Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

white expanding foam sealant / joint mixture 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use

tightness neutral silicoje sealant

tightness neutral silicoje sealant 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.butt-joints 4.Neutral cure

fire retardant tarpaulin Construction joints polyurethane sealant

1.The only manufacturer of construction sealant in China 2.Construction sealant 3.MOQ 2000pcs 4.Price2.3-3.6 5.ISO9001:2000

pu sealant for wood

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pu sealant

1.Material:polyurethane 2.Used for: Construction 3.Passed: SGS TS16949 4.PKS:CARTON

pu sealant

1.pu sealant 2.strongly stick to most traditional building materials.

windshield glazing pu sealant high modulus pu sealant pu sealant for auto repair

windshield glazing pu sealant 1.high modulus&fast curing 2.Modest hardness after curing 3.Flexible durable 4.No need primer

PU Sealant for car windshield

Polyurethane Spray Foam for Windshield 1. Non-toxic and odor 2. Environment-friendly. 3. Low modulus

GS-Series Item-P303 Windshield glazing PU sealant for car

Automotive Sealants and Adhesives 1.Middle range 2.Windshield glazing 3.High viscosity 4.Shelf Life: 9 months

Polyurethane adhesive pu sealant for windshield

Polyurethane adhesive pu sealant for windshield 1. Aproved by TUV ISO 2. Excellent short tack-free 3. Outstanding adhesion

pu sealant with primer

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PU Sealant

ABC Premium 900 PU Sealant is an one part polyurethane sealant.

professional pu sealant&adhesive machine/reactor

pu sealant&adhesive 2.vacuum/ high pressure 3.stainless steel 4.agitating sets 5.CE

Maydos Anti-mildew kitchen& bathroom waterproof concrete PU Sealant

Maydos Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant is a type of two-pack AB reaction curing sealant for use in a wide variety of interior applica

Fast Curing PU Sealant ( Automotive & Construction)

Akfix 647FC is a one-component, high-modulus polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity.

pu sealant,China polyurethane sealant,pu construction sealant

Spray PU Foam Sealant 1.Factory sell 2.Best quality 3.Best price 4.Environmental-friendly material

Construction PU Sealant (pu sellador para construccion)

Easy application Good elasticity and restoration Good durability

black pu sealant

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All Season Aerosol PU Sealant

Aerosol PU Sealant 1.ISO, SGS, MSDS 2.ABRO agent 3.Manufacturer 4.ODM/OEM

Construction Pu Sealant

1. High temperature resistant 2. Oil resistant; 3. Water-proof 4. Single component 5. Non-toxic to use

One Component PU Foam Aerosol Spray PU Sealant

1. CFC free 2. Environmental-friendly material 3. 750ml 4. Competitive price,high quality 5. Factory directly sell

High strength auto glass pu sealant for windshield

pu sealant for windshield 1.Auto windshield body polyurethane sealant 2. Auto glass sealant; 3. Windshield sealant

Auto glass pu sealant (SGS, REACH, RoHS) PU8610

1.Auto glass pu sealant(SGS, REACH, RoHS) 2.Truck glass adhesive 3.MOQ 500 units 4.ISO9001:2008 5.Manufacturer in Shanghai

PU sealant temperature curing adhesive corrosion and good ageing 3good waterproofness 4.factory price