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Pulse dust collector

1. High efficiency of dust-removing 2. Adapt to different working procedures 3. In the cleaning process, dust collector press

pulse dust collector for grinding, welding, powder coating, grit blasting, bagging, blending, conveying and other materials-hand

pulse dust collector: Offers 99% efficiency, PC pulse control, automatic cleaning More than 15 years experience

MC135*24 pulse dust collector

MC135*24 pulse dust collector 1. high efficient od ash removal 2. high efficient dust removal 3. long filtering bag

12 pulse ups

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Direct manufacturers Long life time FSMC Single pulse sack collector/Dust collection system/dust extraction

FSMC Separate chamber pulse bag dust catcher 1.High efficiency:99.99% 2.Good dust collection rate 3.covers an area of smal

Easy Install Long Bag Pulse Dust Extraction for Cement Plant

Pulse Dust Extraction 1.Environment production 2.Filter area:1200m2 3.Air volume:108000m3/h 4.Consists of standard parts

Drawer pulse dust extraction

Drawer pulse dust extraction 1.High air flow 2.Manual cleaning stick 3.Low noise,micro-vibration

SLPM Pulse Dust Collector sand dust extraction

Pulse Dust Collector sand dust extraction 1.Bigger dust clear area 2.High capability of dust cleaning 3.ISO

SLPM Pulse Dust Collector sand dust extraction

1. High efficent, Energy saving 2.Handle Volume:488000~1000000m3/h 3.Filter area:10208~13920m2 4.Weight: 311.7~424.7T

China hot sale Stable operation DMC single pulse sack collector/ dust collector bag filter/cyclone dust extraction

DMC single pulse bag filter 1.low energy consumption 2.balanced running 3. can be adjusted randomly 4.long durablilit

empty extract

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Industrial Air Box Pulse Dust Extraction for Gringding Mill or Coal Powder

Industrial Pulse Dust Extraction 1.Air volume:53510 m3/h 2.Filter area:744m2 3.Environment production 4.Excellent in quality

Wild Natural Panax Ginseng Root Extract with Ginsenosides 10-80%UV

Ginsenoside Ginseng P.E can increase the vigor, make the pulse regular and avoid the dehydrateion, be better for spleen.

portable moringa seed oil extraction 2000-4000w

portable moringa seed oil extraction 2000-4000w Power:100-1500w 10 years manufacturer OEM is available

2014 professional design dust extraction

DMC pulse bag dust catcher 1.Full automation; 2.High-efficiency; 3.Easy maintenance.

Portable Welding Fume Extraction

1,Three layer filter system 2,Imported with ABB turbo fan and motor 3,Pulsing back-flushing automatic dust-removal system

Reasonable Price 100% Panax ginseng Herbal Natural Ginseng Extract

Natural Extract of ginseng added strength, double pulse solid off, Spleen Yifei, thirst, tranquilizer puzzle

extract root

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2014 CO2 Fractional Laser supercritical co2 fluid extraction

supercritical co2 fluid extraction Powerful,high quality tube, USA laser,Korea design 9 graphics

Aconite extract

Yang deficiency, complement fire yang, by wind cold dampness evil. For the death Yang collapse, cold extremities pulse, impotenc

medicinal plant extraction Common Anemarrhena Rhizome Powder Extracts

1)Common Anemarrhena Rhizome Powder Extracts 2) fever, thirst, irritability, racing pulse, cough, bleeding gums, night sweat 3

industrial dust extraction/vacuum machine for carbon dust/dust vacuum

Adapting computer controlling system and easily adjustable technical parameters, this machine can realize to operate automatical

EA-13M Sexuality Stimulator penis sleeve grabit screw extraction

EA-13M Sexuality Stimulator 1.directly act on testis 2.We are manufacturer 3.physiotherapy 4.enhance male sexuality

dust extraction to industrial areas

Foundry factory dust extraction system 1.bag filter equipment 2.high efficiency 3.large gas volume