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NPK Fertilizer Prices

Specs:npk-15-15-15,17-17-17,19-19-19 Advantage:quickly soluber in water

NPK Fertilizer 20-20-20

NPK Fertilizer 20-20-20 17-8-15 11-6-23 28-12-0 20-20-0 16-8-18 16-6-21 15-15-15 19-7-19 14-16-15 16-8-22 16-16-16

NPK 12 12 17+2mgo Coumpound fertilizer price

NPK 12 12 17 Coumpound fertilizer price N: 12+-1.5% P:12+-1.5% K:17%+-1.5 Moisture 2.0% MAX

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china fast release fertilizer urea 46 0 0 prilled

china fast release fertilizer urea 46 0 0 prilled 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 0.9% Max

Best sell and Quick release type npk fertilizer

npk fertilizer Balance nutrients to plants ideal for liquid feed program 100% soluble powder

NPK slow release green granular fertilizer plant

NPK slow release green granular fertilizer Manufacturer,Factory , OEM Certificate:BV,SGS,Intertek, ISO9001:2008

Huminrich Shenyang Blackgold Humate Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets

Huminrich Shenyang Blackgold Humate Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets Humic Acid: 7-10% Organic Matter:13-15% N:25-28%

Urea 46 nitrogen granular nitrogen fertilizer

Our urea nitrogen content above 46%,Moisture<1.0%

Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer(specification)

Most typical inorganic nitrogen fertilizer Best fast release,quick acking fertilizer Used for a variety of crops

slow release fertilizers

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MU slow release fertilizer for golf course turfgrass 10-0-30% MU(Methylene Urea) 0.5-1.2mm

1.(Methylene Urea)MU slow release fertilizer 30-0-6+50%MU 2.high quality,low price,low cost,low labour force 3.FAT technology

china slow release fertilizer

Our company have many kinds of ferliser including organic ,composed,concontrolled and release,for fungus, price is reasonable

Abel FT62 slow release fertilizer

1.N:20+-1.5%, P: 10+-1.5%, K: 10+-1.5%, with changeable TE fomula. 2.Total content: 40%Min. 3.Moisture: 2.0% MAX

controlled release fertilizer


70% Humic Acid Leonardite Slow Released Fertilizer

1.humic acid leonardite 2.basal fertilizer 3.fine powder 4. best price 5.professional manufacturer of humic acid

slow release fertilizer

slow release fertilizer 1,Purity:99.0% 2,P2O5:52% 3,K2O:34.50% 4,Water:0.2% 5,Form:crystal

time release fertilizer

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Product name: NPK 30-10-10 Classification: Complete fertilizer CAS: 66455-26-3 EINECS No.: 56632-41

Slow Release Fertilizer With Humic Acid

Potassium Humate Granular 1. Water soluble: 85%min 2. Humic acid:65%min 3. K2O: 8%min 4. Factory

Huminrich Shenyang Humic Aminio NPK 12-1-2 Controlled Release Fertilizer

Shenyang Controlled Release Fertilizer Black Brown granule 2-4 mm HAS:40-45% Amino Acid: 10-12% 3weeks delivery

npk slow release fertilizer

npk slow release fertilizer agriculture grade Manufacturer Superior quality Competitive price Quick Delivery

Huminrich Shenyang Humate Pure Amino Acid Slow Release Fertilizer

Huminrich Shenyang Humate 50% Amino Acid Powder--Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid:50% MIN N:22% MIN WS:100%

slow release fertilizer

1.Color: White or off-white 2.Nitrogen content:: 21% min 3.Application:fertilizer, agricultural,industry

controlled release fertilizers

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Humic Acid Fertilizer Slow Release Fertilizer

Humic Acid Appearance : Black Granules Solubility: Insoluble in water Organic Matter: 70%

controlled release fertilizer

free sample fast delivery adequat stock flexible payment terms

Urea formaldehyde fertilizer slow release fertilizers

Urea formaldehyde fertilizer slow release fertilizers

slow release fertilizer

urea fertilizer 1.persistent fertilizer efficiency 2.high efficiency of fertilizer utilization

2014 Alibaba best agricultural biochar slow release fertilizer

Best biochar slow release fertilizer 1. Type: charcoal fertilizer 2. Release Type: Slow 3. State:Granular 4. 10% Humic acid

npk slow release fertilizer

npk slow release fertilizer 1. Nitrogen: 14-25% 2. P2O5: 12-25% 3. K2O: 6-36% * Can be produced according to customers requ