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Anti-Drought Liquid Foliar fertilizer for improving drought resistance in crops

1. Anti-Drought liquid fertilizer; 2. Improve drought resistance in crops; 3. Help crops recover from drought injury quickly.

compound fertilizer

stability function, nutrient release slowly, content sufficienrly, conveniently ,take quickly effect and high utilization

Liquid Fertilizer NPK Liquid Fertilizer

Humic Acid NPK Liquid Fertilizer Specification: Humic acid----40g/L,N+P+K----350g/L

slow release fertilizers

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npk slow release fertilizer

npk slow release fertilizer 1. Nitrogen: 14-25% 2. P2O5: 12-25% 3. K2O: 6-36% * Can be produced according to customers requ

Agriculture Grade Water Soluble Quick Release Fertilizer Crystal Ammonium Sulphate 21% Fertilizer

Ammonium Sulphate -MF: (NH4)2SO4 -Fertilizer Grade -Free-flowing Crystal -Dedicated Supplier since 1986

Resin coated Urea N 44% slow release fertilizer

It is mainly used to agriculture as fertilizer, and as a surface fertilizer, alone ormixed with other fertilizers.

time release fertilizer

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MU slow release semi-organic fertilizer 15-5-10,60%MU,15% organic matter

1.Raw materials:Urea Formaldehyde and organic matter 2.Ingredients:NPK+TE 3.Improve soil condition 4.Promote nutrients absorb

Urea formaldehyde fertilizer slow release fertilizers

Urea formaldehyde fertilizer slow release fertilizers 1.Appearance:white powder 2.Total N:38.5%min 3.Competitive price

0320-MU Slow Release Fertilizer

0320 enriches soil microbiology and feeds plants in the right amount under a broad range of environmental conditions.

MU slow release semi-organic fertilizer 15-5-10,60%MU,15% organic matter

Urea 46 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 1.0% Max 3. Moisture : 0.5% Max 4. Size (0.85-2.80mm) : 90% Min

controlled release fertilizers

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Agri slow release fertilizer

Agri slow release fertilizer 1.Saving time ,reducing cost ,preserving water 2. protecting the environment. 3. Loosen soil

70% Humic Acid Leonardite Slow Released Fertilizer

1.humic acid leonardite 2.basal fertilizer 3.fine powder 4. best price 5.professional manufacturer of humic acid