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Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

Fertilizer Pellet Production Line 1.high capacity:3t/h design and reliable stable

Luxi high quality full degradation slow-release fertilizer 26-10-12

Slow-release fertilizer ISO, BV certification Luxi Brand full degradation

slow release fertilizers

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Controlled release nitrogen fertilizer urea 46% urea fertilizer prices

urea fertilizer prices 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 1.0% Max 3. Moisture : 0.5% Max 4. Size:0.85-2.00mm

FYF quick released boric acid fertilizer

boric acid fertilizer 1. High quality 2. Good hardness 3. Low powder 4. Defend low temperature

UREA fast release physiological neutral fertilizer chemical fertilizer

Appearance: White crystal/granule Purity: 98% min Nitrogen: 46.0% min Biuret: 1.0% max Moisture: 0.5% max

60% Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid Humic Acid Slow Release Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is fermented by vital bacterium and enriched with amino acid, humic acid, grape seed extracts, chelated TE.

time release fertilizer

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Granular State and Quick Release Type Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

1.It is white granular. 2.It is mainly used in agriculture. 3.We promise the best service can be provided

Agri slow release fertilizer

Agri slow release fertilizer 1.Saving time ,reducing cost ,preserving water 2. protecting the environment. 3. Loosen soil

slow release humic acid fertilizer

1.Black & Brown Powder/Pellet 2.Poorly soluble in water 3.Raw meterials of organic fertilizer 4.25kgs in plastic woven bag

controlled release fertilizers

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Urea formaldehyde slow release granular fertilizer

Urea formaldehyde slow release granular fertilizer 1.Appearance:white granular 2.Total N:38.5%min 3.Competitive price

plant slow release water soluable micronutrients fertilizer

1. Mg, B, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo, Si 2. All Colors Available 3. Powder or Granule 4. 100% Soluble

Venturi Fertilizer /agricultural chemical /controlled release fertilizer

Venturi Fertilizer. 1.material: PP 2.size: 16mm-25mm 3.connection: solenoid/threaded type