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Phosphorus Potassium Humate fertilizer

1. Phosphorus Humate powder or Flakes 2.98% water solubility 3.humic acid 60% 4.P2O5 8% 5 professional manufacturer

potassium humate crystal fertilizer

potassium humate crystal fertilizer 1. from leonardite 2. 70% humic+10%potassium 3. water soluble

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45% Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid Humic Acid Slow Release Fertilizer

Organic humic acid powder fertilizer includes amino acid, humic acid and animal/plant sources, active flora and TE.

quick release seaweed organic fertilizer bio liquid fertilizer

1, kelp as material 2, induce plants flowering and fruit setting 3, enhance resistivity 4, ISO9001:2008; ISO14001; IMO

release mgo fertilizer on sale

release mgo fertilizer1) Thickness: 3-25mm2) Max. width: 1,220mm3) Max. length:3050mm

Quick Release Grow More Fertilizer 15-10-21

quick release fertilizer for grow more 15-10-21, containing TE, NPK, high potassium, humic acid, amino acid

slow release fertilizers

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Slow release fertilizer zinc sulphate organic fertilizer

zinc sulphate Average size of the granular Strong to mix with other granulars Large quantity 100% Water

Seaweed organic fertilizer buyers granue fertilizer slow release fertilizer

Product Character: Dark brown granule,water soluble,granular size:2mm-4mm

slow release fertilizer with high quality

Urea 46% fertilizer Nitrogen content 46.2% min MF: CH4N20 White crystals solid best service and competitive price

Tobacco fertilizer npk slow release fertilizer

Compound npk fertilizer 1)Contain many kinds nutrition element 2)Free sample is available 3)OEM is welcomed 4)Fast delivery

slow release fertilizer

urea fertilizer 1.persistent fertilizer efficiency 2.high efficiency of fertilizer utilization


We can adjust percentage of N-P-K and trace element (Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn etc) in the compound fertilizer for customer requirements

time release fertilizer

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70% Humic Acid Leonardite Slow Released Fertilizer

1.humic acid leonardite 2.basal fertilizer 3.fine powder 4. best price 5.professional manufacturer of humic acid

LVHE 2014 best sell fertilizer NPK granular NPK 30-10-10 SLOW RELEASE FERTILIZER

Product name: NPK 30-10-10 Classification: Complete fertilizer CAS: 66455-26-3 EINECS No.: 56632-41

{HOT}Controlled release fertilizer

1,MKP Compound Fertilizer 2,Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP CAS7778-77-0 3,For Food&Industry 4,Factory Directory 5,Free sample

slow release fertilizer

1.Color: White or off-white 2.Nitrogen content:: 21% min 3.Application:fertilizer, agricultural,industry

black brown special slow release fertilizer

black brown special slow release fertilizer 1) HA (dry basis) 70% min; FA (dry basis) 3% min 2) Organic Matter 85% min

Compoud npk slow release fertilizer 14-14-14+slim te

Compoud npk slow release fertilizer 14-14-14+slim te 1,manufacturer 2,promptly deliver 3,best price

controlled release fertilizers

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Abel FT342 organic time release fertilizer NPK compound fertilizer

High Purity 100% Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer NPK 20 20 20 1. Accept Sample Order 2. ISO9001-2008 Certified

KY potassium humate controlled release fertilizer

controlled release fertilizer Water soluble humic acid: 80% min Potassium: 12% min Solubility in water: 98% min

npk slow release fertilizer

npk slow release fertilizer 1. Nitrogen: 14-25% 2. P2O5: 12-25% 3. K2O: 6-36% * Can be produced according to customers requ

NPK powder fertilizer quick release fertilizer

NPK powder fertilizer quick release fertilizer 1. 100% water soluble 2. NPK+TE fertilizers 3. Produce according

npk fast release fertilizer

Easy to use,suitable for all kinds of fertilizing method;Factory direct,quality assurance,affordable

P2O5 18% Slow Release Fertilizer

FMP for Fertilizer: 1.Disease resistance 2.Lodging resistance 3.Promote fiber growth 4.Improve soil conditions