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epoxy resin adhesives & sealants

perfect for potting, encapsulating and bonding transformer, switch, various sensor, electric, electronic component, etc

HM-500 High Pressure Strength Pure Epoxy Resin Adhesive

1.HM-500 High Pressure Strength Pure Epoxy Resin Adhesive 2.Styrene free 3.Good thixotropy 5.High Modulus 6.390ml.3:1

petroleum based adhesives

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Eco-Friendly Water Based Paintable Modified Acrylic Resin Adhesive

Modified Acrylic Resin Adhesive 1.Certification: ROHS ;SGS;ISO 2. Odorless, Water Base 3.Direct Plant Supply,

Pure oil resin based block adhesive

Pure oil resin based adhesive Melting speed, good fluidity Strong cohesion, Good cold resistance

no more nail water based epoxy resin adhesive

nail liquid monomer adhesive glue for stone supplier 1. Easy to apply. 2. For general construction materials.

eva based adhesive

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modified resin based block adhesive

modified resin based block adhesive 1.stainless steel 2.jacket,coil 3.Electrical,steam,thermal oil heating CE

polyamide hot melt adhesive resin based

1.Acid value:<=10 2.Amine value:<=8 3.Viscosity:2000-6000 4.Softening point(.C):100-180 5.cetificate:ISO9000/9001/14000...

Heat curing epoxy resin solvent based acrylic adhesive

silicone adhesive Transparent, No white powder. Suit for kitchen ware Natual drying condition

SBS Spray Adhesive for Sofa & Foam/fabric with sponge/sponge with leather

1.SGS approved 2.Good raw material,sofa use 4.warranty:1year