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2014 New Produce Ferrite Segment Magnet/ Arc magnet

Ferrite Segment Magnet Arc magnet Max gauss can reaching 5000 guess High Quality Fasten Packing

key ring magnet

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Ferrite ring magnet for speakers

Ring ferrite magnet 1. Brittle 2. Competitive price

Ceramic ring ferrite magnet

Ceramic ring ferrite magnet 1) Powerful and stable Performance 2) Low Cost and fast lead

Arc Ring Block Magnet Manufactuer Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet Shapes: Disc, Cylinder, Rod, Block, Ring, Segment, Special Shape and more Customized Size is available.

Super Disc,Cylinder,Segment,Arc,Tile,Block,Ring Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets N35-N45-N52(M,H,SH,UH,EH series Custom Disc,Cylinder,Segment,Arc,Tile,Block,Ring NiCuNi,Zn,Epoxy,Au,Ag coat

fashion ring magnet

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Size:D8.5Xd5X3.5-Ceramic magnet/Ferrite ring magnet for water meter

Ceramic magnet/Ferrite Ring magnet for water meter 1.size: D8.5Xd5X3.5 2.Ferrite Material:Barium or Strontium 3.Grade: Y30BH

Ring NdFeB Magnet

1.ISO/TS16949:2009/RoHS 2.Any Shape/Grade/Coating to neodymium magnets 3.Samples available 4.Precise Tolerance for magnets

C11 radial magnetization ferrite ring speaker magnet

Name: radial magnetization ferrite ring speaker magnet 1) Max outer diameter:280mm 2) Thickness :40mm max. 3)ISO14001

Varies size and Properties Ring Ferrite Magnet motor magnet Y30/Y35/C8/C1

Ferrite Magnet Y30/Y35/C8/C1, sinterd magnet ,Ferrite Magnet,Magnet,small size and varies Properties Ring Ferrite Magnet