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China manufacturer supply ring isotropic Y25 ferrite magnet

Low cost High energy good electric insulation excellent resistance to demagnetization OEM

Ferrite Magnet

We supply excellent quality of ferrite magnets at the most suitable price of different grades(Y10T to Y40), shapes and sizes.

Rare Earth Magnet of strong high grade y35 circular /small ring shape ferrite magnet

1. Excellent quality 2. Competitive price 3. Fast delivery 4. Stable performance 5. Superior customer service

ring magnet shape

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High Performance Industrial Ring magnet manufacturers in China

Industrial Ring Magnet manufacturer 1.Stable performance 2.Strong magnetic force 3.RoHS environmental 4.Safe and non-toxic

2014 rare earth magnet N35-N52,(M,H,SH,UH,EH) ndfeb big ring magnets

10 years gold professional manufacturer about Neodymium Magnet magnet and their assemblies on Alibaba.

Varies size and Properties Ring Ferrite Magnet motor magnet Y30/Y35/C8/C1

Ferrite Magnet Y30/Y35/C8/C1, sinterd magnet ,Ferrite Magnet,Magnet,small size and varies Properties Ring Ferrite Magnet