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Insect Trap Machine

Short discription: 1- insect glue board machine 2- working speed: 80 pieces/min 3- full automatic cutting and counting

a roaches

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mixer for roach glue house

Softener Making Machine, Mixer 1. Machinery manufacturer for softener 2. Technology support 3. SS304/316 + Q235 4. CE, SGS

Roach Inn-4 plastic houses..F

Kills roach around. get rid of roaches when using it due to pollution-free.Be use with convenience at any place, non poisonous.

cockroach glue house

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Disposable powerful mouse glue,cockroach house,mice glue,rat glue,Pets control,Roach Glue Trap

1.Glue Traps,Mouse trap,roach inn. 2.It's an easy and clean way to keep pests away. 3.Ready to use,no need to assemble 4.EPA

Paper Glue Roach Glue Traps

1.Size:20.5 x 9 x 6cm 2.Packing: 5pcs/pk, 60pks/carton 3.Glue shelf life: Over 25 weeks 4.Low cost, quickly delivery.

Roach Catcher Glue Trap w/ Attractant

1.Strong adhesive 2.Pesticide free, harmlessness 3.Great efficiency 4.High quality, competitive price 5.Eco-friendly