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StonEndure Sealer & Finish - Step 1

Specially balanced blend of thermoplastic resins, poly-waxes and acrylic polymers

Power Steering Sealer and Conditioner

Stops leaks and prevents costly repairs on steering gear boxes, rack and pinion units,and pumps due to drying

EXUDO penetrating sealer

Suitable for internal and external use. The product can be used on sandblasted marbles, natural stones and flamed granite.

bead sealer/butyl linerbead sealer

bead sealer/butyl liner bead sealer- 8 oz. and 32 oz.

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Polyurethane Foam PU Foam Sealant good performances in anti-freezing, anti-moisture, noise-resistant, pu foam...

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Kafuter K-3022 UV Glue/UV Cure Adhesive for Metal/Plastics/Glass Bonding

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