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Bitumen 60/70, 85/100 Polymer

Bitumen 60/70, 85/100 Polymer


Bitumen, II- PMB (Polymer Modified Bitumen),III-Oxidized Bitumen, IV-Emulsion, V-Primer D41, VI- Joint Sealant,VII-Cut back


100% Non Mixed Bitumen, Penetration Bitumen, Oxidized bitumen, Cutback Bitumen.

Bitumen 60/70, 85/100

No Collateral Required Very Competitive Charges Conclude Your Deal In 24 Hrs

bitumen mc30 with deferred payment(payment after45 days)

Is medium curing cutback asphalt, suitable for use in the construction and maintenance of pavements

Meezan 10W30

Available in all grades Synthetic Oil

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Cold mix asphalt repair both concrete and bitumen roads

1. Road paving material 2. Superior Permanent Road maintenance material 3. 100% environment-friendly 4. Ready to use.

Fiberglass reinforcement mat for road bitumen

Fiberglass reinforcement mat 1.Material:PET 2.Weight:40g/m2-250g/m2 3.Width:1m-2m 4.CE/ISO

Top quality of asphalt sprayer/bitumen distributor for road maintenance

asphalt sprayer Installation of stainless steel nozzle, can be positioned correctly and easy to replace. advanced technolo

Polyester reinforced pe film waterproof sbs modified bitumen membrane

Bitumen membrane 30 years waterproof factory 5 big production lines ISO,CEC,IAF,CNAS,AAA High tensile strength&elongation

bitumen 80 100 price

Bitumen 60/70 85/100 Road constructing penetration

Top quality of UPPER INSTALLATION of asphalt distributor/bitumen sprayer of road machinery

mounted sprayer can choose any chassis model the same asphalt distributor of function uniform spraying without truck

road bitumen plant

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Slow-cracking fast setting road bitumen emulsifier MK-1

1. Having a wide range of compatibility with stone 2. Excellent storage stability 3. Good mixing

Slow-cracking fast setting road bitumen emulsifier JQT-(4)

High Quality Slow-cracking fast setting road bitumen emulsifier JQT-(4)

Bitumen for Road Construction

1.Bitumen 60/70,80/100,85/100,85/25,40/50,and 90/15 with 100% pure. 2.Used for road paving in relatively Hot climate condition.

bitumen 80/100 for road construction

Bitumen : 80/100 , 60/70 , RC 70 , MC 30 & 3000 , SS1 Origin: Middle east & South Asia Application : Road Construction

Petroleum Asphalt /Petroleum Bitumen 70# for roading paving or construction

Petroleum Bitumen 70# for road construction 1) softenin point : 46% min 2) Grade A 3) Manufacturer

Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70 is a standard penetration grade Bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road

road bitumen adhesive

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Bitumen for Road resistance 2.high temperature stability 3.low temperature crack resistance 4.drying fast

Bitumen BND asphalt road grades 60/90 , 90/130

Bitumen BND asphalt road grades 60/90 , 90/130.

Bitumen Emulsion Rs-1k



Bitumen Iran bitumen oil bitumen road bitumen Iran bitumen Saudi bitumen NIOC bitumen Aramco Bitumen Saudi Bitumen refinery


bitumen 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assurance

road bitumen sales

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Bitumen for road construction. Russia Origin.

Bitumen 60/70 With Good Quality

Bitumen with high quality and competitive price from Sinopec Different specifications for road construction

Citerne de Bitumen


bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70 is used for road paving in relatively Hot climate conditions Package: new steels drums

Bitumen 80/100 for Sale

Bitumen 80/100 for Sale bitumen 60/70