gelatin for sealant

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Road silicone sealant

HH-1000 Silicone stone special sealant Quickly speed of curing, excellent adhesion, middle , excellent movement capability;

High quality road crack sealant

High quality road crack sealant Easy to use, cured quickly, good weatherability.

camper trailer off road pouring sealant

camper trailer/camping trailer for car 1.metal and hard floor 2.zippers for awning for both sides 3.double beds 4.dure tent.

pu sealant & adhesive road sealant

pu sealant & adhesive road sealant 1) one part, 2) general purpose, 3)water based acrylic sealant use in Filling gaps

best sell sealant

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Heavy Duty Off Road Tyre Sealant, Heavy Duty Chemical Liquid Sealant

1. Heavy duty off road tire sealant 2. Suitable for tubeless type tire 3. Will not harm tires and wheels 4. CE,MSDS 5. OEM

TE-I road joint sealant

High quality hot applied crack sealant Road maintenance material Protect grooved road surfaces Cost-effective

Road joint sealant

This product has such properties as excellent adhesion,flexibility under low temperature,stability under high temperature

Polyurethane joints sealant/ Airport Runway PU pavement Sealant/road reflectors adheisve potting

1.Self-leveling 2.Elongation at break(%)>550 3.ISO90001 4.Excellent waterproof property 5.High way Airport running road