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Rock Phosphate

We are the NATIONAL CO. For MINING AND QUARRIES (AL WATANIA) , the company have 7 minings of the hig

rock phosphate for sale

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Rock Phosphate 32% min

Rock Phosphate 32%min P205 30-32% for Fertilizer 1000 to 3000 tons per month Pakistan origin

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate 30% Min

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate (Powder)

rock phosphate bulk

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Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate P2O5 starting from 15% up to 30%

Rock Phosphate 30%

Classification: Phosphate Fertilizer Other Names: Rock Phosphate State: Powder Rock Phosphate: Rock Phosphate 110 Type: Rock

High Grade Egyptian Rock Phosphate

CaO 44:45 Mg O 0.30:0.50 Al2 O3 0.50:1.0 Fe2 O3 1.80: 2.20 Si O2 5.00: 6.50

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Rock phosphate

Rock phosphate Excellent material quality Supreme functionality Perfect composition Cost efficient

rock phosphate 30%

Phosphate use in fertilizers industry Phosphate is source of phosphor (P) Phosphate is source of Uranium Phosphate use in the

Rock Phosphate Egypt

We are one of the major exporter of Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand Feldspar Quartz Talc Iron Oxide, Urea, DAP, MAP, NPK, GSSP, GTSP