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AgroNil - Rock Phosphate 26%

The origin of the (Rock Phosphate Grade A-4) will be from Egypt.

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Rock Phosphate 32% min

Rock Phosphate 32%min P205 30-32% for Fertilizer 1000 to 3000 tons per month Pakistan origin

Rock Phosphate

We are offering Rock Phosphate of Pakistan origin from Minimum 29% to 32% P2O5. All detailed specifications shall be furnished.

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate (Powder)

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rock phosphate

USES Phosphate use in fertilizers industry Phosphate is source of ph

TSP Triple Super Phosphate Fertilizer,Triple rock phosphate

1. Total P2O5 46%min ; 2. Available P2O5 43%min ; 3. Water Soluble P2O5 37%min; 4. Size 1-4.75 mm

Sell Rock Phosphate

Brothers trading company is an independent international chimecals and commodity traders. We dea

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Rock Phosphate

We offer High Grades of Phosphate from Egypt grades 32%, 30% 28%, 26% and lower grades.

High Grade Egyptian Rock Phosphate

CaO 44:45 Mg O 0.30:0.50 Al2 O3 0.50:1.0 Fe2 O3 1.80: 2.20 Si O2 5.00: 6.50

Natural Rock Phosphate

1.Classification : Phosphate Fertilizer 2.Place of Origin : Propinsi Jawa Tengah, Indonesia 3.Type : Rock Phosphate