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high quality pu foam,Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

high quality pu foam 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use

high density polyurerthane,Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

high density polyurerthane 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use

concrete roof sealant

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roof skylight silicone sealant FF-2200

1.One part, fast curing, RTV acid silicone sealant 2. Outstanding weatherproofing ability 3.Sealing joint for huge plate glass

Anti-fungus silicone sealant / sealant silicone roof / roofing silicone sealant

1.One component,neutral curing; 2.Strong adhesiveness, non-corrosive; 3.Excellent resistance to weather,aging,and etc.

TE-I waterproof roof sealant

High quality hot applied crack sealant Road maintenance material Protect grooved road surfaces Cost-effective

roof waterproof sealant

1.roof waterproof sealant 2.,Aluminum coated. 3,Use in roof flashing system, sealing of chimney,sealing of solar panel etc.

roof sealant for adhesion of plastic, glass, metal and concrete

1.One-component, neutral cure 2.Fast curing 3.Excellent adhesive properties 4. Best quality roof sealant

metal roofing sealant

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neutral roof RTV neutral silicone sealant

Belong to RTV-1,anti-fungal neutral silicone with non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, marble, granite etc

Acetic Roofing silicone sealant

Silicone sealant: 1.Fast drying 2.Water-proof, UV-resistant 3.Leakage-resistant, excellent adhesion 4.12 months guarantee

canton fair good adhesion roof waterproof sealant (Kingjoin ID-121)

canton fair good adhesion roof waterproof sealant (Kingjoin ID-121) good adhesion(TUV) fast dry general purpose low modulus

High-specific Lighting Roof Silicone Sealant

1.With 12years' experience and certificates of ISO9001&ISO14001 2.One-component,neutral,high-viscosity,fast curing

roof sealant/joint mixture, Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

roof sealant/joint mixture 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use

powder roof sealant

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Prefessional Broad Adhesion Uv Resistance Non Yellowing Roof Skylight Silicone Sealant

Roof Skylight Silicone Sealant *Variety of color *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO9001; ISO14001 *OEM available

silicone sealant for Auto glass/acrylic sheet roofing adhesive sealant

1. MS silicone sealant / UV resistant 2. Valid 20-30 years 3. MSDS and ISO9001 4. Professional Manufacture

Outstanding weathering resistance Butyl roof waterproof sealant

roof waterproof sealant 1.sealing in expansion joint for roof 2.mould resistance 3.seal metal seams against vibration.

Roof electronic sealant for LED

Roof electronic sealant for LED 1.Avoid moisture, dirt andother atmospheric composition 2.Pass RoHS, SGS,UL cer

polyurethane car roof sealant/polyurethane sealant for car and automobile PU8620

polyurethane adhesive sealant PU8620 Excellent adhesive force Durable elastic sealing performance High tear strength