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Panax Ginseng extractum Liquid

Total ginsenosides: 10.0% min UV Panax ginseng C.A.Mey. Liquid Ginseng Extract GMP,ISO. Manufacturer supply

Anti-aging natural extracts Ginseng

Can be made into fatigue resistance, anti-aging, and brain health food.

Low pesticide American ginseng, Dried ginseng, american ginseng extract

American ginseng, Dried ginseng, american ginseng extract 1.Steady Supply 2.Competitive Price 3.Free Sample

Narural Ginseng root / leaf Extract Ginsenosides

Ginsenosides /ISO9001:2000 1)Ginseng root / leaf Extract 2)Competitive price 3)Appearance: powder 4)Purity:More than 98

High Quality Panax Ginseng P.E/ginseng P.E Powder of Gensenoside

2013 top quality ginseng extract powder 1.100% natural extract 2.Professional service 3.Reinforcing Immunity

Supply panax ginseng root extract

Ginseng extract. 1) Specification: Ginsenoside 20%-80% HPLC. 2) Latin name:Panax Ginseng 3) CAS No.:90045-38-8

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High quality ginger root extract , ginger extract powder in sales

1. ginger root extract , ginger extract powder 2.Gingerol 1%-20% by HPLC 3.GMP and BV Certificate 4.Free sample about 10g

plant natural extract Common Aucklandia Root Extract

English name: Radix Aucklandiae Extract Latin Name: Radix Vladimiriae 100% pass 100 mesh Appearance:Brown yellow powder

High Quality and Factory Supply Lotus root extract(5:1 10:1 20:1 ,Nuciferine 98% )

Product Name: Lotus Root Extract Appearance: White Fine PowderRatio Extract : 10:1 20:1 50:1;pure powder; Nuciferine 98%

Panax Ginseng Root Extract With 80% Ginsenoside/2014 New Product On Chinese Market 100% Natural Siberian Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng root Extract Ginsenoside 80% 5%~40% HPLC(leaf) 10%~80% UV(root)Active Ingredient : Ginsenoside

0.8%Beta-sitosterol Extract,Beta-sitosterol Powder,Beta-sitosterol Nettle Root Extract

1.Beta-sitosterol Extract 2.Latin Name:Urtica Dioica 3.Ratio:4:1~20:1 4.ISO/Kosher/Halal 5.Best Service

Natural Radix Astragalus Extract Astragalus Root Extract

1. Astragalus extract 10%UV Polysacchardes; 2.20 Years plant extract history; 3.ISO, KOSHER, BV

herbal root extract

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BEST NATURE ginseng root extract

Natural ginseng extract content:Ginsenosides80% with good price and exceclent quality

100% natural tongkat ali powder/ tongkat ali root extract

tongkat ali extract , tongkat ali extract powder

100% natural 95%UV pure white Ginseng Root Extract

1.Latin Name : Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. 2.Extracted Part: Root 3.Active Ingredient : Ginsenoside 4.CAS NO: 90045-38-8

Anti-aging Astragalus Root Extract from GMP Manufacture

1.Astragalus Polysaccharides 2.10%-70%UV,Astragalosides0.3%-98% 3.GMP/TUV certificate 4.10g-20g Free Sample 5.Prompt ship

Free Sample for High Quality Health Herb Medicine / 100% Natural Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Free sample for initial trial Panax Ginseng root extract Ginseng extract Ginsenosides 7~8%HPLC Ginsenosides 60%HPLC

Licorice Extract Powder/Licorice Root Extract/Licorice Extract

licorice extract powder/licorice root extract/licorice extract reliable quality, factory price,free sample ISO9001:2008 BV Kos

astragalus root extract

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panax ginseng root extract

Enhancing immunity and the ability of antivirus and infection.Anti-aging, antifatigue, adjusting cerebral nervous system

Factory supply Pueraria lobata 100% Natural Kudzu Root extract

Kudzu Root extract Active Ingredients: Isoflavone (Puerarin , Daidzin, Daidzein, Genistein) Puerarin 10%-98%(HPLC) Isoflavo

Alibaba China supply Ginseng root extract

1.Ginseng root extract 2.Spec: 20% - 80%Ginsenosides 3.Brown yellow powder 4.No additives 5.Factory supply & Free sample

nature ginseng extract,50%-80% Ginsenoside,high quality ginseng root extract

nature ginseng extract,50%-80% Ginsenoside,high quality ginseng root extract 1.Food Grade 2.Factory wholesale 3.USP Standard

Korea Panax Ginseng Extract.80% Ginsenosides.Ginseng Root Extract

Korean Ginseng Extract -Panax Ginseng Extract -Specification: 80% Ginsenosides -Prompt Delivery -ISO9001,GMP Certified

Kava Kava Extract,Kava Kava Root Extract Kavalactones

Kava Kava Extract Active Ingredients: Kavalactones Specification:30%~80% Light Yellow Powder or Paste Free Sample Supplied

ginseng root extract

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high quality in bulk stock Rhodiola root Extract

1. high purity Rhodiola root Extract 2. GMO free 3. No irradiation 4. manufacturer supply 5. Free samples

100% Natural Peony Root Extract

Product Name:Peony Root Extract Latin name:HePaeonia lactiflora Pall Specification: ISO GMP GC 10%-98% By HPLC

Angelica Root extract/ herb medicine

Angelica Root extract/ herb medicine 1.Ligustilide40%--60%. 2.SFE-CO2 3.raw material of health product,ISO....

siberian ginseng,,siberian ginseng extract powder,siberian ginseng root extract

1.siberian ginseng 0.8% 25kg/fiber drum 1 days shipment from the order date

High Quality Ginseng Root Extract

1. pesticide residues meeting EP & USP standard, the procymidone less than 10 ppb 2. lower ash & heavy metals 3 Strong tonic

100% Pure Natural Tongkat Ali Extract powder Longifolia Root Extract Eurycoma

1.Tongkat Ali Root P.E. 2.Light yellow powder 3.100% pass 80mesh 4.10:1 20:1 50:1 100:1 200:1