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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is prepared with fresh 50% fruit content. Best quality. All Natural ingredients. Available in all pack sizes.

rose jam production

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Bio Roses Jam

This Jam is made from organic farmed roses. Processed with modern technologies with a nice packaging 230g Netto.

Rose Jam, Rosehip marmalade, Peach Compote

Rose jam Rosehip are traditional products from Bulgaria, Peach Compote is a delicious dessert

Rose Jam

Weigth:400 grs. 850 Ingredients: Rose leaves,glucose syrup,pectin,citric acid, sugar Fruit

Rose Jam

This factory started its activity in the filed of jam production and packing in 1975. We offer our p

Rose jam, 310g Jars, preserved fruits

40% fruit parts jam in 310g glass jars with shrink seal full color printed label and cap, transparent label in the back. Brix:80