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Arc Shape Neodymium Magnets/Strong Segment NdFeB Magnet/Motor Segment Magnet

Arc Shape Neodymium Magnets/Segment NdFeB Magnet -Superior resistance to high temperature - Competitive price -Fast Delivery

High Quality Permanent Large Ring Magnets

Large Ring Magnets -ROSH certificated -Competitive price -Fast delivery

High Performance block N52 sintered Neodymium Magnet/Permanent Magnetic square Magnet

High Performance block Neodymium Magnet -High Quality -Competitive price -Fast delivery -Rosh and REACH certificated

rotor magnet materials

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Cylinder permanent neodymium rotor magnets

1. customized shapes 2. super Magentic Force 3. good corrosion resistance 4. ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 and ROHS.

Arc neodymium rotor permanent magnet

Arc neodymium rotor permanent magnet Grade: 35-50(N, M, H, SH) Coating: Zn, Ni, NiCuNi, Epoxy, Parylene, Etc.

arc rotor super permanent magnet

arc rotor super permanent magnet 1.Materials: Neodymium-Iron-Boron 2.Shape: Block 3.Certificate: TS16949,ISO9001:

permanent sintered N52 motor/rotor ndfeb magnet in China

Ndfeb magnet 1.Grade:N30~N52,(M,H,SH,UH,EH) 2.Plating:Ni,Zn,Au,Ag,Epoxy,Passivated,etc

Ndfeb motor rotor magnet

Ndfeb motor rotor magnet 1)High performance 2)Various grades and block

rare earth rotor magnet

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Industrial Magnet Application and Numerous Shapes,SQUARE, RECTANGLE, ROUND ETC Shape motor rotor magnet

motor rotor magnet 1rotor magnets 2 rotor magnet 3application:industry 4high quality

Good quality neodymium magnet-neodymium rotor magnet

neodymium rotor magnet Any Shape/Grade/Coating Manufactures with High quality Samples available ISO,ROHS,REACH

Ndfeb Rotor Magnets

Ndfeb Rotor Magnets (1)ISO TS 16949&RoHS (2)Cap:80Tons/mth (3)Rotar Ndfeb Magnets N35/38/40/42/45/48/50/52 (M, H, SH, UH, EH)

Radial magnet rotor permanent magnet


NdFeB permanent ring magnet /Rotor ring n48 ndfeb magnet/magnets in China

1.Rotor ring n48 ndfeb magnet 2.Material:Ndfeb Magnet 3.Certificate:ISO9001,CE,ROHS,SGS 4.Attractive in price

rotor magnet shaft

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Rotor Magnets

Rotor Magnets 1.Low weight loss 2.Fast lead time 3,Cheap price 4.Certification: TS16949/ISO9001

ndfeb motor rotor magnet

1.Ndfeb magnet is made from Nd.Fe.B and some elements 2.Quality control:ISO9001:2000 standard 3.Quick delivery, good service

N52 Permanent HR Brand motor/rotor ndfeb tile magnet/magnets in China

shape:tile grade:N35--N52(M.H,SH,UH,AH..) coating:Zn.Ni.Ag,Au.Cr.Epoxy Tolerance:+/-0.05mm High attraction magnet

NdFeB Round Rotor Magnets

1)NdFeB Round Rotor Magnets 2)High anti-corrosion 3)SST:48/72/96hour 4)Low weight loss 5)Strong intrinsic coercive force

ndfeb motor rotor magnet

ndfeb motor rotor magnet 1.Superior performance 2.Superior quality 3.Superior delivery