rubber coated pipe price

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NBR/PVC Plastic Black Coated Foam Rubber Pipe With Aluminium Foil

Coated foam rubber 1,Certificate:RoHS 2,Density:40-95kg/m3 3,Grade of combustibility:Non-Combusti

Fiberglass coated rubber hose pipe

1.Fiberglass braid silicone rubber covered hose pipe 2.operating voltage:2500V 4000V 7000V 3.rating:600V 200C 4.UL RoHS

steel rubber coated pipe

galvanized steel pipes 1.long service life 2.reusable 3.corrosion resistance

Galvanized steel two holes fixing rubber coated pipe/hose clamp of high strength

P type steel pipe/clip with fixing rubber lined hose clamp with galvanized steel Material:stainless steel ,Galvanized steel