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Gravy Seasoned Scallop

1. Taiwan Technology 2. We are a 80-Year experience group 3. Our Client: 7-11, FamilyMart, T&T, Ninety Nine and so on

Dried Scallop

Dried Sea Scallop by Seawijh Indonesia Grade A (250-300pcs/kg) Grade B (350-400pcs/Kg) Grade C (500 up/Pcs/Kg)

scallop frill

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Sea scallops with roe on

Frozen scallop with roe in (sea scallop) 1.Specification:20/30.30/40.40/60.60/80etc 2.IQF,100% NW 3.1kg bag or bulk pack

IQF Frozen Half Shell Scallop Sea Scallop

Frozen Half Shell Scallop,IQF Latin name:Patinopecten Yessoensis Origin: China, Japan Size:7-8cm,8-9cm,9-10cm,10-12cm

Unique Design Scallop Shaped Wooden Side Chair, Luxury Style Hand painted Dinning Chair

Antique Treasure Dinning Chair/Side Chair Dinning Room Furniture With Golden Hand Painting Made of wood and fabric