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Live Lobster canada

Canada Lobster Lobster , this it the best lobster in the world packed : 30 lbs boxes , with ice pack , we have all size lobster

Maine Lobster Tails/ ...........NOT Spiny or Rock Lobster

We carry Lobsters only. And only Maine Lobster. The very best Lobster in the world.

cooked frozen blue Mussel in sauce - Garlic or Mariniere sauce - Mytilus Edulis

Cooked frozen blue mussel in Garlic or Mariniere sauce - Mytilus Edulis Vacuum pack in 2 x 450g / in carton of 4.5K

Frozen Gutted Eel(Gutted,before Freezing)

with CITES made of fresh anguilla anguilla with /without slime abdomen-cut, with head size: 400g-600g, 600g-800g per piec

Scallop Meat

Atlantic Scallops Product of US IQF, Roe off 10/20, 20/30 pcs per lb 5 lb bag or 1 kg bag

Frozen Eel Whole Round

Product: Frozen Eel Whole Round Latin name: anguilla atlantidis Size: 500/600, 800/1200, 1300/1800g Packing: 20kg/ctn

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Dried Scallop

Dried Sea Scallop by Seawijh Indonesia Grade A (250-300pcs/kg) Grade B (350-400pcs/Kg) Grade C (500 up/Pcs/Kg)

food grade microwave oven freezer safe non-stick 15 scallop shaped chocolate molds silicone

Food grade chocolate molds silicone Non stick chocolate mould Flexible novelty moulds for chocolates Shaped chocolate mold

Typical fine mono scalloped front human hair toupee

hair toupee 1>Fine mono arround skin with scalloped front 2>Natural front toupee 3>Tiny durable knots

polyester venise scalloped lace trim

polyester lace trim for underwear 1.Manufacturer 2.12 years fabric experience 3.Good quality and service 4.Competitive price

I LOVE SCALLOPS License Plate Frame Tag Car Accessory Metal

I LOVE SCALLOPS License Plate Frame Tag Car Accessory Metal

embroidered scallops

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Frozen Seasoned Scallop Wings Salad (Korean)frozen shellfish

No antiseptic and preservatives Located at the best raw material base FDA,HACCP,HALAL approval Best quality and price

Sea Scallop


Bay Scallops Size

Bay Scallops Size Argopecten irradians Size: 60-80,80-100,100-120,120-150etc 100%NW,IQF

High Quality Frozen Scallop Shellfish for Sale

1.Product Type: Fish 2.Variety:King Fish 3.Style:Frozen 4.Packaging:Vacuum Pack 5.Place of Origin:Indonesia

KANI-HO Breaded Surimi Scallops

accredited by the European Food Safety Inspection Service

Okhotsk Dried Scallops SA Size 350g

Okhotsk Dried Scallops SA Size 350g Dried scallop is made using wild scallops that naturally dried.

scallop frill

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2014 New Crop Frozen Half Shell Scallops (roe on)

Frozen Half Shell Scallops (roe on) Factory exported food 20 years Haccp, FDA, EU, kosher Quick Offer resonable price

supplier of seafood frozen bay scallop

Size: 10/15,15/20,20/30,30/40 Glazing:0-20% as your request

Canned Smoked Scallop in Oil

Annual production capacity 38,000 metric tons, One of the largest Canned Food manufactures in China Got HACCP,BRC,FDA,HALAL.

Good price half shell scallop

Packaging Detail: 5kg/ctn, 10kg/ctn Delivery Detail: within 15 days since your confirming order. Payment by T/T, L/C.

China sea best quality scallops

Frozen scallop 1.Size:7-8,8-9,9-10,10+cm 2.Min order:1*20FCL 3.Certificates:ISO HACCP FDA 4.Other:clam octopus squid ring

King Scallops (dived)

King Scallops (Pecten Maximus) live in the shell.

scalloped sheers

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Frozen Bay Scallop

Frozen Scallop speices: sea scallop and bay scallop moisture: 87% size:40/60,6080,80/100,100/120,120/150,150/200 pcs/lb

Fozen Bay Scallop

frozen bay scallop 1, Size: 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10+cm 2, MOQ: 10 MTS 3, Shipment: within 15 days 4, payment:T/T in advance

frozen half shell scallop

Frozen Half Shell Scallop,IQF Latin name:Patinopecten Yessoensis Origin: China, South korea size:6-8cm,8-9cm,9-10cm,10-12cm

dried scallop

Dried scallop 1. natural 2. hight quality 3.nutricious

Frozen Scallop

Frozen Scallop Latin name: Argopecten irradians Size: 40-60,60-80,80-100,100-120