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Silicone Sealant for LED Lamp potting

5299 Silicone Potting Sealant 1. Double component, addition type 2. Room temperature or heating curing

LED Kafuter K-5905 Multipurpose Silicone Sealant

multipurpose silicone sealant cure,translucent liquid 2.seal and bond LED tube,lamps metal/plastics/glass

3 bond sealant

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electric silicone sealant, rubber adhesive sealant, neutral cure

electric silicone sealant 1.waterproof,no corrode 2.excellent adhesion 3.hi-temp application 4.accepet customizd

Stone Sealant Neutral Electric Silicone Sealant

Stone Sealant Neutral Silicone Sealant *Excellent Adhesion Excellent Tooling *OEM *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO

JCT electrical silicone sealant NHZ-1000L

1.electrical silicone sealant 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90

electrical silicone sealant,silicone rubber adhesive sealant,fast dry silicone sealant

1.Used in a caulking gun 2.One-part,moisture,curable at room temperature 3.Free of solvent,no shrink,high bondstrength

hot sales black tack adhesive, electrical silicone sealant

Electrical Silicone Sealant 1. High&Low Temperature Resistent 2. Excellent Adhesion

COJSIL-211 electrical silicone sealant/weather resistant silicon/colored silicone sealant

1.One part,industry material silicone adhesive 2.Fast curing,low odor application 3.Excellent resistance to weather,water,UV

bonding sealant

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Good quality silicone electrical silicone sealant

Good quality silicone electrical silicone sealant 1.Acetoxy cure, 2.High temperature resistance 3.Easy application

Electrical Insulator Sealant 990601

Electrical Insulator Sealant Black paste. Used for mesohigh electrical insulator flange connection water-proof sealing, etc.

Great waterproof /mould proof sealant/electrical cabinet door opener adheisve

1.High elasticity 2.Extrudability>80ml/min 3.Elongation at break>600% 4.Excellent expansion and shrinkage

FDA approved natural cure electrical silicone sealant

FDA approved natural cure electrical silicone sealant 1.Neutral cure, 2.high quality 3.General glazing

marine crane electric hoist sealant

marine crane electric hoist sealant feature: 1.good design and strict quality 2.can extend to meet radius need

Non Silicone Sealant/Electrical Insulation Silicone Sealant

General purpose acetic silicone sealant water proof glass,automobile,construction wide use color: white grey clear black

electric grip

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Highgrade RTV electrical silicone Sealant

1.electrical silicone sealant manufacturer, neutral resistance, high elongation 4.Strong Bonding

electrical silicone sealant &chinese chemicals&agricultural chemicals

1.single component 2.GP silicone 3.OEM price 5.sample for free

high pressures electric gun sealant with hand grease gun

electric gun sealant 1.out of fuel :10G/times 2.deliver date :20days we have 15 yeas in producing grease gun ,