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ROSH Highly reliable silicone sealant encapsulant gel for power cable

1.silicone sealant encapsulant gel 2.Both room-tempreture cure and heat cure are available 3.Wide range of hardness available

600ml Sausage Silicone Sealant OEM

1. General purpose 2. Acidity / Neutral cure 3. Good adhesion to many material 4. Stable quality

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electrical usage china supplier chemical silicone sealant

electrical usage china supplier chemical silicone sealant 1.single component2.GP silicone3.OEM5.samples for free

NOVO electric roof skylight silicone sealant/Motorized Skylight blinds made in Guangzhou NOVO factory

roof skylight motor1 Certification: ISO9001 CE,Rose,ccc, ul2 Sizes:customized, 3 No MOQ4 Best price and quality

electric motor for small air compressor pump tire sealant with air compressor

1. Permanently lubricated bearings 2. Low operating vibration 3. Die-cast aluminum components

Electric Paint Mixer

1. Electric Paint Mixer2. 1 Year Warranty3. 50~2500L Working Volume4. For Paint, Adhesives, Rubber, Sealant etc.

DC Electrical PVC Flexible Conduit Accessories

Flexible Conduit Accessories1.Material: Steel 2.Zinc Plated 3.Size 1/2" to 4" 4.Two hole or one hole

Manual Paint Mixer

1. Manual Paint Mixer2. 1 Year Warranty3. 50~2500L Working Volume4. For Paint, Adhesives, Rubber, Sealant etc.

3 bond sealant

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Crack Resistant Electrical Sealant

Crack Resistant Electrical Sealant is one of our most popular products.Avoid moisture, dirt and other atmosphere......

Heat Resistant Silicone Adhesive Sealant for Electrical Applicance

1- Advanced heat resistant silicone adhesive sealant 2- Environmental 4- Heat resistance up to 300 C

Highgrade RTV electrical silicone Sealant

1.electrical silicone sealant manufacturer, neutral resistance, high elongation 4.Strong Bonding

high pressures electric gun sealant with hand grease gun

electric gun sealant 1.out of fuel :10G/times 2.deliver date :20days we have 15 yeas in producing grease gun ,

COJSIL-211 electrical silicone sealant/weather resistant silicon/colored silicone sealant

1.One part,industry material silicone adhesive 2.Fast curing,low odor application 3.Excellent resistance to weather,water,UV

300ml electrical silicone sealant

electrical silicone sealant 1.Color: White,Black,Gray 2.Package: Carton 3.Product: Waterproof sealant

bonding sealant

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Good electrical property one-component silicone electonic sealant

1) silicone electonic sealant 2) excellent bonding, waterproof 3) low odor, non-toxic, non-corrosion 4) accept sample order

electric epoxy resin sealants

can be used in all kinds of electronic sealant, can be use in high temperature,

corrosion prevention and electrical insulation pu foam sealant

corrosion prevention and electrical insulation pu foam sealant 1.polyurethane 2.champagne color

all purpose construction marble electrical silicone sealant

general purpose marble electrical silicone sealant 1.Neutral silicone sealant 2.Cure RTV silicone 3.weatherproof 4.OEM

electrical silicone sealant,silicone rubber adhesive sealant,fast dry silicone sealant

Window mildew resistant silicone sealant Glass Silicones Sealant,Acetic silicone Sealant intensity; fast solidification;

Non Silicone Sealant/Electrical Insulation Silicone Sealant

General purpose acetic silicone sealant water proof glass,automobile,construction wide use color: white grey clear black

electric grip

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electrical insulation silicone sealant

electrical insulation silicone sealant One component, deoximation type, neutral cure, high adhesion, high modulus.

ES highly welcome RTV electrical silicone sealant /glue

1.Best manufacturer,over 12 years' experience. 2.The high quality,cheap price. 3.Provide free samples.

JCT rtv electrical silicone sealant NHZ-1000L

1.rtv electrical silicone sealant 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90

Stone Sealant Neutral Electric Silicone Sealant

Stone Sealant Neutral Silicone Sealant *Excellent Adhesion Excellent Tooling *OEM *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO

Kafuter K-5902TW Strip Light White Electrical Silicone Sealant

electrical silicone sealant, silicone gel 2.seal and pot in LED SMT lights/LED strip lights 3.300ml/cartridge

Hot Sale China kitchen electrical appliances sealant

kitchen electrical appliances sealant 1. DTC/Blum hardware, durable. 2. Easy assembling, practical design 3. OEM factory