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Loctite 496 clear instant adhesive cyanoacrylate adhesive CA glue 20G

1 general purpose 2 for rubber,plastic, metal 3 lead time 3~7 business days 5 original loctite

threadlocking sealant,glue H271,H272,H277,H290 with medium strength and low price made in china

thread locker Medium strength, thixotropic, lubricating, easy disassembly. Applied to the locking and sealing of M6-M20

marble sealant producer epoxy glue

marble sealant producer epoxy glue 1.epoxy resin and amine 2.white&yellow liquid 3.curing 1-2hours 4.Construction

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high digital liquid gluing machine for PCB bond fixed sealant

1.CKD precision regulator 2.Four LED dispensing time 3. New product 4.CE approved