genuine wax

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High Quality car durable hard wax

car care hard wax 1.can remove the smudges to recover the luxurious brightness on automobiles 3.15 years brand

Polyisobutylene PIB mixed parafin wax with resin

Polyisobutylene 1. HRD-350-950 Mv:35,000-100,000 2. For hot melt butyl sealant,pv sealant,lubricant grease,paraffin,roofing

heavy sealant

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GORVIA GS-U304 clear coat car wax

clear coat car wax: 1.Car undercoating protection 2. Rust proofing 3.Noises reducing 4.Anti-water

Fire Glaze Auto Polish No Wax

Fire Glaze Plus Professional Auto Polish Sealant is the only silicate-based auto polish. 3 Years Guarantee. Easiest to use.

polyethylene wax for hot melt adhesives kneading machine

kneader machine 1.Vacuum/ high pressure 2.Stand high temperature 3.Frequency control 4.CE,ISO9001