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impulse pedal sealing machine

pedal sealing machine: quick and more accurate sealing; steady and durable body.. date coding optional.

pneumatic pedal sealer / pneumatic pedal bag sealer

pedal bag sealer: 1.we are manufacturer of pedal bag sealer. 2.Over 10 years experience in pedal bag sealer.

hand impulse sealer with cutter and without cutter

hand impulse sealer: 1.Length: 100--500mm.. 2.material: iron, plastic, aluminium..

Pouch sealing Machine (Band Sealer) Model No-CPM-500

These machines are continuous sealers useful for Laminated BOPP, Led Aluminum, P. P. HM. etc.

automatic plastic bag sealing machine

1. Pneumatic drive screw cap 2.Wide applicability 3. reliability and mobility 4.easy to use.

PFS-350 foot impulse sealing machine

1. Work by pedal 2. Sealing width 8mm 3. Suit for sealing different material 4. foot impulse sealing machine 5. Coding

sealer impulse

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Automatic Bubble tea machine, Bubble tea sealer, Bubble tea equipment

Automatic Bubble tea machine, Bubble tea sealer, Bubble tea equipment 1.Easy to operate. 2.CE Approved.

jar sealer, induction sealer, foil sealer for small business

used for sealing aluminium foil with bottle material PP,PET,PE etc Compact and easy operation, nice apperance and cheap price..



Manual Tray Sealer

1.Stainless steel construction 2.Stable and safe temperature control system 3.used to trays with film 4.manual tray sealer

Semi-automatic pedal sealer

pedal sealer: 1.we are manufacturer of pedal sealer.. 2. over 10 years experience in pedal sealer..

vaccum sealer

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KM cheap plastic bag sealer, hand impulse sealer

impulse sealer 1 Manufacturer 2 Max sealing length :300mm 3 Max sealing width : 3mm 4 Have been production for 20 years

Pneumatic Pedal Double-side Heating Sealer

Adopts pneumatic principle,use cylinder as sealing drive with step-less adjusting pressure,it's improved on FMJ series to meet c

ET-900S Auto Food Tray Sealer

ET-900S food tray sealer, leak free and air tight sealing, ideal for frozen food and MAP gas flushing & sealing.

HS300 Manual Tray Sealer

Manual Tray sealer Output: 350 trays/hour mould can customize according to sample voltage can customize easy to operate

500EB Quality Hand-held Induction Sealing Machine, Manual Induction Sealer, Aluminum foil lid induction sealer (20-100mm, 220V)

Hand-held Induction sealing machine: seal bottles with aluminum foil.small size, light weight, easy operation.

shrink sealer

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Hand impulse sealer 6" PFS-200/250/300/400

Hand impulse sealer is suitable to seal every kinds of plastic films and widely used in the fields such as food

Light Duty Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer

1.Type: Vacuum Packing Machine 2.Application: Food 3.Condition: New 4.Driven Type: Electric 5.Packaging Material: Plastic

Continuous PP bag sealing machine FRD-1000 PE bag sealer

1. Solid-ink coding function 2. Horizontal sealing type 3. Easy operation and high capacity 4. CE Certification

Vertical band sealer SF-150

Vertical band sealer 2. High quality , most durable 3. Factory price 4. Sell well in USA

tin can sealer /plastic jar sealing machine/ tin can seamer for sale

plastic jar sealing machine 1.suitable for all kinds of iron,plastic, glass, tin cans etc 2.we can customize for you

Top and Bottom Side Carton Sealer

1.Top & bottom carton sealer 2.SUS table & roller 3.CE / ISO 4.Made in Taiwan 5.MOQ 1 set