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bio fertilizer

Asia's largest bio fertilizer supplier. Seaweed extract liquid is derived from brown seaweed, which contains 70 minerals.

Sargassum Fertilizer

1)100% water soluble sargassum fertilizer 2)SWISS IMO Certificates 3)MOQ:3 MT 4)Supply sample

Urea N 46 fertilizer

Urea N 46% Packing : 50 KG PP bags in 20'FCL container Origin: Middle east

potassium nitrate fertilizer price

Potassium nitrate is mainly used in fertilizers, as a source of nitrogen and potassium.

Potassium Sulphate Fertilizer

Potassium Sulphate 1) Good Quality 2) Higher productivity 3) K2O: 50% min and S: 17% min 4) Low Chloride and Moisture.

organic manure fertilizer

we supply a organic natural manure.

amino seaweed fertilizer

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seaweed organic fertilizer

agriculture grade, refined from natural seaweed, seaweed extract

Seaweed Compound Fertilizer

Seaweed Compound Fertilizer 1.compound fertilizer organic matter, plus seaweed extract 3.20kg/bag 4.Validity:2 years

Seaweed Fertilizer seaweed extract organic matter 3.NPK >=10% 4.seaweed liquid fertilizer 5.100% water soluble

powdered seaweed fertilizer

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Top Quality From 10 Years experience manufacture seaweed extract fertilizer

seaweed extract fertilizer 1.High Quailty GMP&ISO 2.Competitive Price

seaweed liquid fertilizer

Asia's largest seaweed liquid fertilizer supplier Promoting plant growth extracted from natural seaweed

Dried seaweed powder seaweed extract fertilizer

Dried seaweed powder seaweed extract fertilizer Best price soluble seaweed extract powder GMP ISO Free sample Variety