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Pure Bat Guano For Organic Fertilizer Direct from Our Cave

Bat Guano From Indonesia, Specification NPK 10-13-1

Huminrich Dry Seaweed Fertilizer

Huminrich Dry Seaweed Fertilizer Alginic Acid 15%-17% Organic Matter 42%-45% Moisture 2% - 3% 5ton MOQ

Seaweed for fertilizer

Raw Sargassum : used for the manufacturing of organic manure, animal feed, alginate. Specification : + Moisture : 18-20%max

Compound NPK fertilizer

NPK 15-15-15, NPK 15-15-6+4MgO, NPK 12-12-17+2MgO, NPK 14-13-9,NPK 16-20-0, NPK 30-9-9, NPK 22-6-12+3S+0.2Zn+0.2B, NPK 19-9-0,

100% Organic fertilizer

The 100 % organic fertilizer made in Thailand. Package Size 50 kg / bag.

Humic Acid will HELP

Humic acid Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus),

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Completely watersoluble seaweed fertilizer fine powder agriculture organic fertilizer

Seaweed extract--organic fertilizer raw materialBest raw material for organic fertilizerWith nature PGR and CTK.

100% water soluble seaweed extract fertilizer made from Ascophyllum nodosum

rich in mineral nutrientsand micronutrients;benefits rooting and seed germinating;improve early seedling vigor;

Seaweed Extracts fertilizer

From fresh cold water seaweeds Natrual growth hormonesRich in minor elements

Eco-friendly Seaweed organic fertilizer granular

Plant origin, combined nutrients of mineral and organic fertilizers, amino acid and micro elements with special efficacy

Seaweed fertilizer organic fertilizer

Product Character: Dark brown granule,water soluble,granular size:2mm-4mm

Seaweed based organic fertilizer

Plant origin, combined nutrients of mineral and organic fertilizers, amino acid and micro elements with special efficacy

amino seaweed fertilizer

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Seaweed Fertilizer

seaweed fertilizer,seaweed extract growing agent, plant growing regulator

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer is an organic extract derived from 11 versatile and nutritional Marine Algae.It is fast acting

SOMZYME - Gr - Granule based Seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer in a granular form for enabling slow release of seaweed actives throughout the crop cycle

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake 100%soluble Natural seaweed extract Organic bio-fertilizer High Quality

Growing agent seaweed fertilizer, seaweed extract 99.5% min

1 seaweed extract plant growth promoter 2 solubility: 99.5% min 3 alginic acid: 8-16% min 4 package: 20 KG bags 5 nice price

Water Soluble Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Organic Seaweed Fertilizer 1.Liquid/powder/flake 2.100% water soluble 3.spraying or irrigation 4.increase yield 15 to 30%

powdered seaweed fertilizer

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Seaweed Extract Granule/Sargassum Seaweed Fertilizer

1.Dark Brown granule, water soluble, granular size:2-4mm 2.N-P2O2-K2Oaa7%,Organic Matter aa30% Amino acid:5%.

Kelp Seaweed Fertilizers with high organic matter and alginate

Seaweed organic foliar fertilizer100% solubleWith nature PGR&CTKEnlarge and thicken leavesSupply necessary nutrients

Seaweed Fertilizer

Organic seaweed fertilizer made of Brown Algae, in powdered form. Easy application, low cost, efficient and environment friendly

Agriculture grade seaweed fertilizer From Reliable factory

Agriculture grade seaweed fertilizer From Reliable factory Algae Organic Fertilizer CAS No.: 68917-51-1 Pirity: 16% / 18%

Increase the crop quality seaweed fertilizer For increase yields

seaweed fertilizer Rich elements High organic matter content Easy absorb by plants

Bio fertilizer-mushy seaweed fertilizer

It has ermarkable function of preserving water, enhancing soil temperature and improving soil quality.

seaweed fertilizer extraction

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seaweed fertilizer

1. Lead time: 15 days. 2. MOQ: 500 L. 3. Packing as your requirements.

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake

sargassum seaweed fertilizer : contain plant growth regulator ,alginate acid,Humic acid,amino acid NPK,etc.

seaweed fertilizer( root promoter)

bio seaweed fertilizer(root promoter) PH=6-8, specific gravity: 1.15-1.20 seaweed extract 40%, organic matter 5%, N 5%,P2O5 2%

seaweed fertilizer Derived From Ascophyllum Nodosum

seaweed fertilizer 1, Improving fertilizer and pesticide use efficiency. 2, Preventing plant diseases