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100% Organic fertilizer

The 100 % organic fertilizer made in Thailand. Package Size 50 kg / bag.

NPK Granulers Fertilizer

Granules Fertilizer Humic Acid Based

vermicompost organic fertilizer

vermicompost organic fertilizer 25 kg. per bag Origin Thailand

Cotton Seed Meal

Cotton / Kapok Seed Meal for Animal Feed or making Fertilizer, high Nitrogen ingredient

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Natural agar organic liquid seaweed fertilizers

Product Character: Dark Brown LiquidRegulate growth of plant and improve quality of fruit.

NPK type seaweed liquid organic fertilizer

seaweed organic fertilizerRich elementsHigh organic matter contentEasy absorb by plants

Huminrich Seaweed Extract Fertilizer extract from Ascophlum Nodosum

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer1. 15% Alginic Acid+ 42% Organic Matter+NPK2. 100% Water Solublity3. Flakes 4. 10days delivery

Seaweed Extract powder: 100% Water Soluble with 16%K2O,rich in organic matter

Organic matter:50%minN--P2O5--K2O: 1-1-16%minAlginic acid:18%minMoisture:6%maxWater soluble:100%

Seaweed liquid fertilizer prices

Product Character: Dark Brown LiquidImprove crops quality and enhance resistance of crops.

Hi-Yield Promote Type seaweed extract For vegetable

seaweed extractHigh organic matter contentEasy absorb by plantsRich elements

amino seaweed fertilizer

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1. Natural seaweed extract/alga 2. Complete water solubility 3. Alginic acid: 16% 4. Potassium:16%min

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake 100%soluble Natural seaweed extract Organic bio-fertilizer High Quality

Water Soluble Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Organic Seaweed Fertilizer 1.Liquid/powder/flake 2.100% water soluble 3.spraying or irrigation 4.increase yield 15 to 30%

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer is an organic extract derived from 11 versatile and nutritional Marine Algae.It is fast acting

Growing agent seaweed fertilizer, seaweed extract 99.5% min

1 seaweed extract plant growth promoter 2 solubility: 99.5% min 3 alginic acid: 8-16% min 4 package: 20 KG bags 5 nice price

powdered seaweed fertilizer

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Seaweed Fertilizer

Organic seaweed fertilizer made of Brown Algae, in powdered form. Easy application, low cost, efficient and environment friendly

Granular seaweed fertilizer,Seaweed flake

sargassum seaweed fertilizer : contain plant growth regulator ,alginate acid,Humic acid,amino acid NPK,etc.

Improve Fertility Function seaweed fertilizer For good quality

seaweed fertilizerHigh organic matter contentEasy absorb by plantsRich elements

SOMZYME - Gr - Granule based Seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer in a granular form for enabling slow release of seaweed actives throughout the crop cycle

sargassum seaweed fertilizer, seaweed extract powder/ flake

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer 1. Alginic acid: 16% min 2. Organic matter: 50% min 3. NPK: 22%min 4. Manufacturer, Wholesale

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer High nitrogen content fertilizer based on Seaweed Extract provide trace elements, nutrients

seaweed fertilizer extraction

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seaweed fertilizer Derived From Ascophyllum Nodosum

seaweed fertilizer 1, Improving fertilizer and pesticide use efficiency. 2, Preventing plant diseases

seaweed fertilizer( root promoter)

bio seaweed fertilizer(root promoter) PH=6-8, specific gravity: 1.15-1.20 seaweed extract 40%, organic matter 5%, N 5%,P2O5 2%

Huminrich Shenyang 15% Purity Natural Super Sargassum seaweed fertilizer

SY1001 Seaweed Based Fertilizer Alginic Acid:15%-17% OM: 42%-45% Moisture: 2% - 3% PH: 8-9

Seaweed Extract Granule/Sargassum Seaweed Fertilizer

1.Dark Brown granule, water soluble, granular size:2-4mm 2.N-P2O2-K2Oaa7%,Organic Matter aa30% Amino acid:5%.

organic fertilizer sargassum seaweed fertilizer

organic fertilizer sargassum seaweed fertilizer is extracted from natural swaweed.All the techniques are coming from National"Ni

High effect liquid NPK foliar fertilizer organic seaweed fertilizer

liquid foliar fertilizer 1: improve crops quality 2:directly from factory , 3:world-famous brand