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100% Water Soluble Seaweed Fertilizer

1)100% water soluble seaweed fertilizer 2)SWISS IMO Certificates 3)MOQ:3 MT 4)Supply sample

100% water soluble Seaweed extract fertilizer powder

Organic matter:50% min Alginate acid:16% min Total amino acid:2% min Total nitrogen:1% min Potassium:16% min Mannitol:3% min

Huminrich SY2001 Compound Bulk Amino Acid Fertilizer

Huminrich SY2001 Compound Bulk Amino Acid Fertilizer Plants and Animals Light Yellow powder 45% amino acid+22% Nitrogen Ferti

seaweed organic fertilizer

agriculture grade, refined from natural seaweed, seaweed extract

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liquid seaweed extract fertilizer ,Water Soluble

seaweed extract powder OME accpeted steady supply professional and prompt delivery

water soluble Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer of Black brown liquid

1.This fertilizer can improve the ability against disease 2.Make yellow leaves turn green ones rapidly

HOT!!! Strong soluble seaweed liquid foliar spray fertilizer

1)Seaweed high organic 2)Organic matter 50%min 3)Crude Protein 5.5-6.5% 4)99% water soluble 5)Ascophyllum nodosum source

Newly Displayed seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed root fertilizer

1,professionally treat malnutrition; 2,root degradation; 3,dysplasia

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High Grade Organic Potassium Humate Powder

We offer humic acid in following forms: Powder form Granular form Crystallize form

Vermicompost ;Vermicompost Fertilizer

Neem Vermicompost ,Vermicompost Biohumus fertilizer,Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer,biohumus Vermicompos,vermicompost fertilizer

Water Soluble Organic Potassium/K Humate(70% HA) Granular/Powder from leonardite for Soil in Agriculture

1) isolared from leonardite 2) water solublity: 90% 3) rich in humic acid content 4) used as soil application 5) MOQ: 5tons


A complete Biofertilizer with micro nutrients, amino acids, plant growth regulators, enzymes and humic acid.

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