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BIOTOP POP-Bio Organic Fertilizer

BIOTOP POP is HIGHLY EFFECTIVELY organic fertilizer. Increase harvest's result(30-50%)Decrease Urea/Phospate Use(50%)Contact Us!

Groganic Organic Fertilizer

Organic Matter: 26%Up C-Organic: 15% Up C/N Ratio: 15-25 pH: 4-9 NPK: 4% Up

100% Organic fertilizer

The 100 % organic fertilizer made in Thailand. Package Size 50 kg / bag.


Based on Suspension Concentrate (SC) formula. it is suitable for post-construction anit-termite treatment especially for home


The Most Powerful Natural Pesticide, Fungicide & Miticide in the World. 100% NATURAL NATURAL PESTICIDE NATURAL FUNGICIDE

amino seaweed fertilizer

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The series of Seaweed extract are extracted from marine seaweed through Biochemistry method.

Seaweed Fertilizer

seaweed fertilizer,seaweed extract growing agent, plant growing regulator

SOMZYME - Gr - Granule based Seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer in a granular form for enabling slow release of seaweed actives throughout the crop cycle

powdered seaweed fertilizer

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Professionally supply High quality Seaweed extract powder fertilizer

Professionally supply High quality Seaweed extract powder fertilizer Algae Organic Fertilizer CAS No.: 68917-51-1


1. Natural seaweed extract/alga 2. Complete water solubility 3. Alginic acid: 16% 4. Potassium:16%min

seaweed liquid fertilizer, liquid organic fertilizer

Seaweed organic fertilizer with trace elements.

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer.

Liquid seaweed fertilizer is an organic extract derived from 11 versatile and nutritional Marine Algae.It is fast acting

seaweed fertilizer extraction

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seaweed water soluble fertilizer

popular excellent raw material --kelp 100% water soluble safe environmental no residual improve crop yield

Pure organic type Seaweed extract shiny Powder fertilizer

Organic matter 50%min K2O"16%min Alganic acid:18%min Moisture :6%max Water soluble:100%

seaweed fertilizer Alga300

Asia's largest seaweed fertilizer supplier. Seaweed extract liquid is derived from brown seaweed, which contains 70 minerals.

Liquid Seaweed fertilizer

liquid seaweed fertilizer 1.strict quality control and competitive price 2.sell well 3.on time and superior service

100% soluble seaweed extract organic fertilizer

100% soluble seaweed extract organic fertilizer organic fertilzier plant regulator rich in organic matters flake and powder