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Beijing Goldenlaser!!!new branded diode laser

new branded diode laser 1. CE approved equipment 2. Diode laser equipment

2015 new laser diode 808 nm

1.808 diode laser hair removal 2. More than 20,000,000 shots 3. Laser 808nm diode 4.ISO13485 and TUV CE

New modle promotion diode laser 808 nm with high energy

New modle promotion diode laser 808 nm with high energy 1.12 laser bars, 2000 W power ,big poewr 2.12*20 mm spot size 3 .fa

arc diode

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General Purpose Diodes BF173

General Purpose Diodes BF173 1.Fast delivery 2.High quality 3.Best price 4.Large in stock

Cheap 405nm 5mW/10mw/50mW/ /65mW/100mw/250mw/300mw Blue Semiconductor Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes wavelength:980nm.880nm,808nm.780nm,650nm,405nm optical power:5mW/10mw/50mW/ /65mW/100mw/250mw/300mw

semiconductor diode

semiconductor diode 1. power:1-100w led chip 2. Up to 170lm/w 3. 3 years' warranty chip led 4. CRI>75, competitive price

High Power Diode,Laser Diode Hair Removal,Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal Machine

Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal Machine Hair removal standard 808nm Wind + Water circulation + semi-conductor +refrigerato

Hottest selling medical cutting laser diode

cutting laser diode Scanning and cutting 2 modes more than 7 kinds of scan patterns CE, ISO, RoHS,ETC

oring diode

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Portable diode laser hair removal machine 808 laser diode 500w DM-808D

Water, air cooling; Automotive cooling blanket; semi-conductor cooling; compressor refrigeration cooling;TEC Cooling.

Germany 808nm Laser Diode For Hair Removal Beauty Salon Equipment

808nm diode laser 1.15*27 spot size 2.German laser bar 3.Air water Semi-conductor cooling 4.permanent laser hair removal

Most popular portable 808nm laser diode price

1.808nm laser diode price pain, no side effect 3.air+water+semi-conductor cooling system 4.CE,ISO,FAD approved

cree diod

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Why you hesitate? RL-HL! laser hair removal machine diode

1.RL-HL 2.Revolution Technology 3.Skin Rejuvenation 4.Hair Removal 5.CE approval

laser diode soprano XL, laser diode soprano, laser diode

laser diode soprano XL, laser diode soprano, laser diode 1.diode laser from Germany 2.sapphire cooling

HOT Sale! In-motion/808nm laser diode/surgical diode laser

808nm laser *. Medical CE, TGA, SFDA...ect *. OEM, ODM *. Long term warranty *. Fast delivery

The mini laser diode 808nm for hair removal with cheap price

1.semi-conductor,suit for any hair 2.big spot, high energy, long pulse-width 3.super-cooling system 4.CE, ISO13485 5.OEM