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clay roof tile price solar transparent types of roof tiles

1.High Class& Heat insulation 2.Corrosion Resistance 3.Sound insulation 4.Waterproof

clay roof tile price

colorful stone roofing sheets /galvalume roofing /union steel roofing Certification:CE,SGS,SONCAP 15 colors 30 year warranty

corrugated roof clay tiles

corrugated roof clay tiles 1.Size:300*200 200*400 250*400 2.Thickness:5-7,6-8,7-9mm 3.Color:Black,Rusty,green

a shingles

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Shingle clay roof tiles

Shingle clay roof tiles 1.Overall Lenght:1335*420mm 2.Material:Galvalume 3.thickness:0.4mm

high quality and anti-corrosion asphalt roofing shingles clay roof tiles with low prices in china

Diverse design Various color Excellent quality Favouable price CE Certification and ISO9001 Certification

Shingle clay roof tiles for ancient buildings use

1.shingle clay roof tiles for ancient buildings yellow color ,glazed surface 3.factory direct sale sample

Shingle Clay Roof Tiles / Metal Roofing Panel Material

Shingle Clay Roof Tiles / Metal Roofing Panel Material Better price High quality Long Gurantee Shingle:1280*420*0.4mm

Blue clay roof tiles shingle clay roof tiles

Blue clay roof tiles shingle clay roof tiles Size:170x190x350mm Weight:12KG/CTN Packing:6PC/CTN Material:ceramic

shingle clay roof tiles factory

shingle clay roof tiles factory 1.2%-6% absorption. 2.50 years of durability 3good frost resistant 4high compression

clay roof tile traditional style

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Sun Shape Soncap Certificate Shingle Clay Roof Tiles

1.Class A fire resistant 2.Wind resistance up to 260kph 3.Hail resistance 6.35cm 4.Impact resistance ,superior durability

steel roofing sheet /plastic spanish roof tile /shingle clay roof tiles

steel roofing sheet /plastic spanish roof tile /shingle clay roof tiles Certification:CE,SGS,SONCAP Rich color 30 years warra

shingle clay roof tiles Best Quality 0.4mm -0.5mm Steel Roof Tiles Prices

shingle clay roof tiles a, Lightweight b, Cost Savings c, Easy Installation

T8 265X265mm chinese natural new glazed shingle clay roof tiles

In stock 1. spanish roof tile 2.Average absporption 6% 3.Resistance to compression>1800N 4.Factory certifcate:ISO9001

2015 brand-new Factory peice shingle clay roof tiles

roof tile 1.Durable 2.UV-Resistance 3.Aesthetically pleasing 4.Easy installation

The new listing shingle clay roof tiles

1.shingle clay roof tiles 2.Water-proof; Never Fade; Pressure 3. Cold resistance; Sound insulation;

ats shingles

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Top level useful shingle clay roof tiles

shingle clay roof tiles Excellent Heat Insulation Brilliant Anti-Corrosion Capacity Strong Mechanical Capacity

Best reliable ISO certified factory build materials Roofing shingle spanish clay roof tile for Iraq market

1.Stone-coated Metallic Roof Tile 2.Korea quality,China price 3.30 years warranty 4.CE,SONCAP,ISO Certificate

Shingle Wanael metal roofing, stone coat red clay roof tiles,factory sale directly

1) Factory supplies directly. 2) Factory certified by ISO9001 & BV. 3) Product certified by SONCAP and CE.

shingle clay stone roof tiles

1.villa al-zn steel sand coated roofing tile 2.Size :1320*420mm 3.Steel thickness:0.4mm 4.AZ>120g/M2 5.Warranty:50 years

NUORAN black clay roof tiles/blue glazed roof tile/color roofing sheet

Size: 1340*420*0.4mm Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel material roofing tiles metal roofing sheets lightweight and heat insulation